Darren Criss & Me *English*

Darren Criss & Me is a story about a gir who moves to America with her parents. She then meets her idol, Darren Criss, and they become friends and he later becomes her boyfriend, but her mom isn't too happy about it. She is forbidden to see him, and a lot of things happen - read the story and discover more.


3. First day of school


My dad woke me up at seven o’clock in the morning. I took a shower and got ready. When I came into the kitchen my dad and mom was talking , my mom had gotten happier, but she was still angry at me. I sat down with them and ate my breakfast, and then my dad drove me to school. We went into the office together, I had English now. It was weird not seeing Danish on my schedule. I said goodbye to my dad, and then I was guided to my first class. When I came into the classroom, everyone looked at me. I was told just to sit down next to someone named Ben. I sat down and looked at the teacher. I was surprised by the teaching, it was easier than I thought, it actually seemed easy to me. When the bell rang, I put all of my books into my bag, cause that’s how we did it in Denmark, but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. They just put their books in their lockers, because we weren’t assigned any homework. The teacher came up to me and told me to follow her, then she would show me my locker. I followed her. When we went down the hall, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, I tried not to make eye contact with anyone, and I succeeded. When we got to my locker, I was given the code. I nicely put my books in there and then I looked at my schedule. ”Electives”? Was that glee? I asked a guy walking down the hall, and he said that it was a lot of different things, glee club, football, crafts, gymnastics etc. I asked where the glee clubs room was, and he asked me to follow him, because he was going there as well. When we came into the room I looked around, it was big and there was a really great piano and some cool instruments.

”Hi, are you new here?” asked a man who was standing behind me. I turned around and looked at him.

”Yes, I just started, and I would like to join you, if it’s possible?”

”Of cause, will you sing for us?”

He was fishing for my name, ”Katrine” I said and nodded. I went and got a guitar, turned my back towards them, took a deep breath and started playing, but I was cut off. Darren came into the room. ”Oh, I’m sorry, am I interrupting?” He asked and smiled at me.


”Hi Darren, no you’re right on time to hear our new member, Katrine. Just play when you’re ready Katrine.” 

Darren sat down next to the others, I turned around and looked at him, his smile made me completely calm. I started playing again, and I sang shortly after. I had never thought that I could play like that in front of other people, I played like I was alone. When I was done playing, everyone applauded me. I smiled and put the guitar back. I sat down next to Darren. 

”Really well sung” He said and got up.

”Hey, my name is Darren, I’m a former student here, and now I’m vesting. Have any of you seen Glee?” He asked, and everyone raised their hands. ”I’m the guy who plays Blaine Anderson” He said and looked at me. 

”Do you two know each other?” asked Ben, he had probably noticed us smiling and looking at each other a lot.

”Yes, we’re friends” He winked at me.

”Katrine, why don’t you tell us about yourself?” Asked our teacher. 

I smiled nervously ”My name is Katrine, I just moved here from Denmark. I don’t really know what to say” I said nervously.

”Do you only play guitar?” Our teacher helped me.

”No, I play the piano too.” I said, I couldn’t take my eyes off Darren.

”When did you start playing?”

”When I was 4-5 years I think, that’s when my dad taught me to play the piano, and later I taught myself to play the guitar”

”Great” Our teacher got up and started talking, I was just listening when my mom suddenly walked in to the room.

”Katrine, you for…got…What is he doing here?” She asked and pointed at Darren.

”Hello, and you are?” Asked our teacher.

”I’m Katrines mom. I just came to give her, her cell phone and tell her something.”

”Nice to meet you. And to answer your question about Darren, he’s a former student who’s vesting”

She nodded, unsatisfied, and gave me my phone, and told me to take care of dinner myself, because her and dad were going to be home late.

She looked angrily at Darren, who was just looking at her. She turned around and walked out of the room again.

”And that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend” I whispered to myself in Danish.

”I’m sorry about my mom, she’s not very happy about me being friends with Darren.”

”No, I think we noticed, but don’t worry, she’s gone now”, said our teacher, who I still didn’t know the name of. 

I raised my hand ”Yes Katrine” Asked our teacher.

”Can I ask you what your name is?” I said, a bit embarrassed.

He smiled, ”Mr. Jackson”.

I smiled and nodded.

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