Dreams Can Come True

Laura has always had a dream of becoming a writer, so when a top publisher decides to publish one of her stories she is over the moon. But is everything as glamorous as it seems.


2. Back to School

Everyone dreads the first day of school. After the six weeks of summer holidays, lying in bed until noon, it's different. I must be that one exception. I look forward to the first day of school. New teachers, new people in my classes, who wouldn't want to go back to school.

I always wake up at half six, some mornings are harder than others to get up at that time. Then I have a shower, or more often than not, fight over the bathroom with my sister, who is so high maintenance. She's not as dumb as she looks because sometimes she gets up earlier just so that she can ruin my schedule. Sometimes I wonder if we are even related, I mean I love reading and writing and she loves shopping and make-up. But of course we are related I mean we are twins, non-identical obviously, because we are completely different people. But today I outsmarted her. I got on with my daily routine and than went down for breakfast. PANCAKES! Yay! I love my mum's pancakes, she is a chef at a pancake restaurant so they are delicious.
"Morning, darling," said my mum.
"Morning. Is Stacie up yet?" I replied.
"No. Do you think we should wake her? Because remember how long it takes her to get ready in the morning."
"Why should we? Does she ever do anything nice for me?
"Oh stop being so nasty to your sister. I will go and wake her because I'm a nice person."
I get on well with my mum. She's only 35, so she's younger than most of my friend's mums. My dad works three hours away, so he leaves before we get up and is home when we are going to bed. I only get to see him at weekends but when we do see him, he is the best dad ever.
My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Stacie, who had just got out of bed somber hair was a mess.
"Why did you not wake me up?"
"Let's see. You deliberately get up at the same time as me so that I have to rush to eat breakfast. So for once I thought I would make you rush and see how you like it."
"I'm older than you so you should respect me."
"Ha, you are three minutes older."
"Girls stop arguing!" My mum buts in, "you are sisters, so you should be nice to each other."
That is just a typical morning on my house, you can see why I want to get out of the country.
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