Dreams Can Come True

Laura has always had a dream of becoming a writer, so when a top publisher decides to publish one of her stories she is over the moon. But is everything as glamorous as it seems.


7. Alone at Last

Later that night as I was lying in bed I was thinking about the events of that day. God I can't believe only this morning I was going back to school after the summer holidays and nothing bad had happend yet. After David had left along with all of Stacie's friends, I had put my head down and started writing my entry to the competition. When I say entry I really mean entries because I had so many ideas, I wrote every one so now I have about ten pages full of ideas.

I glanced over at the clock. 0330. I had to look at it twice. No way was it all ready half three in the morning. I had school in about five hours. I better get some sleep. I quickly got ready for bed and put my head down in the pillow.

I woke with the sound of the alarm. 3hrs sleep is not enough. I felt so tired and the thought of the day ahead just depressed me. It's time to out on a brave face and just ignore those monkeys.
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