The one you love the most.

Daniel has the hottest girl in school head over heels for him. Or so he thinks. Daniels world is turned upside down, when something extraordinary happens to him.


1. The one

Daniel was walking down the corrider, when he caught sight of her. It was Maya. Daniel liked Maya, a lot. And he knew she wanted him. or so he thought. Daniel was a mute, but that didn't stop him from being one of the most popular guys in school. His Blonde her stuck up in spikes and his bright blue eyes were always twinkling. He constantly flirted with girls using his hands and his expressions. Everyone understood his gestures, as everyweek they got a period of sign language. As he passed by Maya, the queen bee, he winked and made the sign for heyyyy. She grinned and made it back. Her hair was sleek and brown, her eyes were hazel, her nails manicured, her clothes stylish, and her every move was watched by boys. Daniel was sure she was the one. Of course I (the narrator) think that she was meerly being friendly. I mean, she can't exactly be mean. They don't teach that sorta thing in class. He walked by Mrs Derwent, who was on the phone. "WHAT?!" she shrieked. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ANDREA BUNCH IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL????!!!" Andrea Bunch was a famous record producer. Everyone around and within hearing distance of Mrs Derwent, (which is probably down to the granny at the other end of the street), stopped dead. Mrs Derwent dropped her phone, the scarpered, knowing what would happen next. The whole school made for the phone which wasn't of the line yet. In the stampeed, The phone was crushed. "AWWWWW" a chorus of groans echoed through the corridor. Then the door opened, and an incredibly grand, stylish, imposing woman swept into the room, and an air of grace clung to her like perfume. It, it couldn't be, could it? Omigod it was, it was Andrea Bunch! before the crowd could rush forward, an announcement was made through the speakers. All students to the assembly hall, I repeat, all students to the assembly hall.

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