The one you love the most.

Daniel has the hottest girl in school head over heels for him. Or so he thinks. Daniels world is turned upside down, when something extraordinary happens to him.


3. The Competition.

"Right Maya I want you to sing in the best way you can." Daddy I've fallen for a monster, oooohhh, somehow he's scaring me to deathhh oh yes he is, hes big and he's bad I love him like mad mama he's the best I've ever had. Daddy I've fallen for a monster, he gotta black heart."*After maya was shooed of with a"we'll tell you when we can" Daniel walked in.Maya sat down at the back and gawped. The hall was filled with whispering. Isn't he mute? I thought he couldn't speak? is he going to sign language a song? "You, mute boy. why are you here?" "Because I can speak!" daniel sang and walked off. Maya walked up to him and said, "that was amazing!" "thanks may-" "except the mute act was really lame" and she walked off with her bunch of giggling barbie bimbos. Daniel stared baffled after her. He noticed a few of his friends just walking passed. he grabbed joshby the shoulder. "hey man wanna shoot some hoo-" "save it dude. It's not cool to act deaf" "but i didn-" "I said save it"

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