The one you love the most.

Daniel has the hottest girl in school head over heels for him. Or so he thinks. Daniels world is turned upside down, when something extraordinary happens to him.


2. Sing your heart away, please

Miss Privett announced it at assembly. "Andrea Bunch will be a judge at our annual Singing Show. This year, only over sixteens can enter, as the prize is....A RECORD LABEL!" The crowd went mad! Then Daniel put his hand up. The noice thinned until it was all gone. Of course, Daniel was mute, so he couldn't enter. He might not even get to meet her! Daniel made the signs for, what about me? And the headmistress looked unsympathetic and said, You will have to sit it out Daniel. At break, all Daniels friends tried to make him speak. "cmon Dan1 do ya wanna meet 'er or not?" Daniel was very subdued. As he walked away from the bus stop, and up his garden path, he began to hum. Then he stopped. I can't hum! he thought. He raced up to his room, and put some music on. He tried to force words out of his heart. "La la" The two notes came loud and clear from his mouth. HIS mouth! Daniel was overjoyed! the moment to shine had come! He was going to enter!

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