Animal I have Become

It is only when your true self comes, when your true self is realised.


2. Waking

Somehow, strangely, my eyes opened again, to see. But there was nothing to see, just black darkness. It must still be night, and regrettably, I must still be in the woods. My head was pounding, my legs draining of energy and blood. My head turned to see even more nothingness. I just wanted to see something, to prove to myself that I was still alive, and that I wasn't blind.  A hollow breathing echoed around me, I must be breathing loudly. So the legends aren't true, I'm still alive. 


They say, if you enter the woods that surrounds Irmeres (capitol of the Milina), you'll never come out. But there is a reason, they say some kind of creature lives here, no-one knows what though. They never leave the woods, they only prey on those who are foolish enough to enter. Most of those who do enter are people who think they can take on the 'Beast.' But, we don't know if it's just one creature, some or many. We are safe, it's just if you enter the woods, that's when you're dead. But how did that person know I was there? But most importantly, are they still alive?


"Are you awake?" a voice whispered. Startled, I jumped, hitting my head on the tree I was leant up against. "Hey, steady," they breathed. Placing their hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me. I suddenly felt a little woozy, but mostly confused. How is he alive in the woods? Is there a city in here or something? The moon suddenly made it's appearance, now I could see the stranger that was comforting me.


"Who are you?" I struggled to croak through my throat like a toad. He looked at me, he didn't move, his chest did though. Breathing slowly, steadily, calmly. He then smiled at me, shining at me enchantingly. He looked so, unhumanly perfect, God like infact. The way his teeth were in line, shiny but not too white. Also, how his brown-black hair seemed to always fall over his forehead, but not over his eyes. He was so handsome, and innocent looking, but at the same time, he looked sort of dangerous.  


"I'm Alek, and you're name?" he questioned. His voice was soft, sweet and smooth, like velvet. "I'm Rain," I whispered. Alek leaned forward, placed his hand on my head, and gripped something on my head. I wasn't concerned, but I was curious. He pulled off a white bandage that had been wrapped around my head from where I crashed into the tree. It was blood covered, I cringed.


I watched him as he checked my other wounds, everything he did was with grace. But I feel like I know him already, but that might just be because I trust him, and the reason why I trust him. I don't know, I just do.

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