Animal I have Become

It is only when your true self comes, when your true self is realised.


3. Hope

Hours passed...


The sky's once dark exterior began to fade, to be replaced with a still cold blue. The Moon was peering through the ice above us, trying to still see the Earth, as if the Sun and the Moon watch over us, as a deal. Protecting us, giving us light. Alek remained still, laying with his back against a tree next to me. I'm still confused how he's in the woods and not dead. Unless the legends aren't true. But that's impossible, isn't it? Irmeres hold a ceremony every time someone goes into the woods on their own decision. It's mad. Every year someone goes in there, normally soldiers thinking that they can bring back the Beast's head. The prize for the Beast's head is 500 in gold, which is a lot. For that you could buy a castle. No wonder people risk their lives, but everyone knows that no-one has or will defeat the Beast.


"We must move," Alek announced all of a sudden, breaking the silence. He stood to his feet, and sniffed the air. Which is kind of weird. But I let it pass my mind. I pulled myself up using the tree, and balanced myself. "Where?" I asked. Curious at this sudden migration. I turned to me, not mad, not annoyed. Expressionless. "I don't know, all I know is that we need to get away from here." I began to worry, what could make him suddenly think that. The weather? Time of the day? Or maybe even me? I looked at me to confirm that I was ready to move, and he walked on.I simply just followed, not really caring where ever we were going. To Irmeres, or deeper into the woods I'm still going. A theory of mine was confusing me, and not really helping with my damaged head. I just did what was easier.


"Why?" I asked. I'm guessing he knows why we were moving. Trees grew closer almost with every step taken. "It's morning, that's when the blood begins to run." He spoke clearly, no fear tainted in his throat. But what did he mean by 'blood begins to run?' A shiver shot down my spine, shaking my bones. The coldness of the sky began to melt, to a clearer blue I recognised from when I wake up. The odd cloud began to gather from nowhere, and they themselves made a journey.  "What do you mean by blood begins to-" I was cut off. He held out his arm to me, and stood silently. Crouching. I couldn't see, hear or smell anything, what's wrong. I better say quiet incase something is out there. It's the Woods, it could be anything.


Alek's head turned around him, almost like an owl all the way around. His nostrils flared like they did before, this time I wasn't concerned. Smells began to combine. Smoke from the city mixed with the woodland leaves to make an interesting kind of smell. Sort of like burning wood. This must have been what made him stop, the sudden change in smell. A branch snapped in the not too far distance. Alek's eyes looked on the tree from which the sound came from. He stepped closer, slowly, cautiously. I don't think he knows what is there. I followed him, a few metres behind.


There behind the tree, was a massive brown dog, covered in blood. Rips in his skin, punctures in his organs. He whimpered in pain, his eyes watering. Alek knelt to the dog, and stroked his fur. Calming the creature. I couldn't watch with tearless eyes, it was horrible. Alek's face had no readable emotions, negative or positive. But who could see this sight and have the slightest bit of happiness in their soul. The dog's eyes looked up at me, a buttercup kind of yellow. But they didn't close, they hung in there...

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