Animal I have Become

It is only when your true self comes, when your true self is realised.


1. Blood on my Skin

A painful blow dug a hole into my skin, where blood began gushing out. My darkened skin stung, piercing a jolt of pain to the core of my chest. Inking into my heart, slowing every dwindling beat, til there was barely anything left. A blur was over me, holding something, something silver or metal, but part of it wasn't of a dull colour. But of something, red. A bullet hit the left of my chest, the second I realised what was going on.


I began to run, with the soon scars weakening me with every breath. But nothing would keep me here, I'm not letting them attack me again. My feet felt as if they were bleeding from how hard I was pounding them against the floor, maybe digging downwards with my feet, and finding an escape from them. I lashed my neck around, nothing was there, just darkness, and the peering light between the trees. They stared down at me, whispering in the wind, 'They're coming, they're coming, run.' My will was definately willing, but my body wasn't. Energy shot out of my legs, I came rolling to the ground. My head crashing into what I'm guessing is a tree.


A shadow came closer to me, stepping over me, checking if I was worth it or not. But to my surprise, it was Human, I was expecting something else. They knelt to me, perhaps in sympathy. My eyes widened, locked in their grip, a rifle. They are the one that shot me! What! Why!? I wanted to punch them square in the face, but I couldn't. I was lucky I was still breathing. "It's for your own good, you know what's going to happen to you once you step between these trees." Yes I do, but how are you still alive then? The figure fleeted, not caring whether I died, or was just tortured. My eyelids grew heavier, unfocusing my vision. Another shadow came to me, but it wasn't Human, but I couldn't tell what it was. But one thing I did see, was a pair of blue eyes, looking at me. Animal like, but yet, had an human intelligence.

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