Going for gold!

About what it feels like to be an Olympian :)


1. Pistol

I heard a bang. And I was off...
The crowd roared as I felt my legs moving beneath me. I ran for my life, all the years of hard and endless training paying off, my brow growing sweaty with anticipation. Cameras flashed and microphones were shoved towards the track but I kept going.
5 metres- my knees are hurting and my lungs are burning. My eyes are turning hazy.
4 metres- I don't know if I can do this, I won't make it to the finnish in time.
3 metres- he is overtaking me, I am looking around in shock and dismay
2 metres- I am sprinting with the last drops of energy left in my weak body, I have to win this
1 metre- I have pulled ahead and I have a chance!
0 metres- I have won.
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