Hidden secrets


1. Green lasers

Panting, Emily wiped the clear droplets of sweat from her forehead as the arena filled with bitter, choking smoke. Back pressed against a wall, she watched carefully as illumanus emerald green lasers zapped randomly from all directions. Then silence. Nothing. Nothing but the slow and steady breaths from Emily. "Don't move!" a distant voice thundered, not so far away from Emily. Without a word, she reloaded her laser gun and listened. Thud, thud, thud, thud... Footsteps, getting closer and closer and closer until—

ZAP! A mysterious figure attacked. "Amateur! What was that?" Emily mocked as she swiftly dodged the laser zooming towards her. ZAP! Another miss. "Pathetic!" Effortlessly, she zapped the amateur's stomach, leaving him to die on the floor. "The game has begun..." a robotic voice boomed from above. Emily knew what this meant - kill or be killed.

Creeping cautiously to an untouched base, Emily scanned to area for assassins. She listened as quiet giggles were heard from behind the base. Very loud, very noticeable footsteps paced behind her, signalling that it was another amateur. Sighing, she whipped round, zapped the killer and returned to base, after zapping two others. 

Silence flooded the room - a deadly silence. Slyly peering around the corner, Emily stared into the darkness. All she could see was gleaming red lights. She knew it was something more than this: eyes. Still, staring eyes. ZAP! ZAP! Emily moved out of the way just in time. Okay, maybe not amateurs, she thought. But still not as good as her. She slid smoothly behind a stone wall, zapping the two killers as fast as lightning. Now to find some more suckers to kill, she thought as she shuffled triumphly up a narrow corridor to find other assassins. 

Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. She could sense something. Something moving... getting closer and closer... "Prepare to die," came a muffled voice behind her. She was about to turn round but it was too late. She had been zapped, and was falling down, down, down, onto the hard, unforgiving ground.
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