The Cabin in the Woods

A group of teens get lost- will the Cabin in the Woods be a help or Hindrance (NOTE: not in any way related to the film- the Cabin in the Woods)


1. Prologue.

The girls were standing inside the school hallway, waiting for their friends to finish detentions. As soon as school was over the gang would head in their mini van to a cabin in the woods somewhere. No parents. No teachers.

Kacey had been planning for weeks. Marcey had been buying new clothes and shoes for everyone. Jake had been beating his high-scoreon his favourite video game, COD. And Rob? Rob had been his usual self- Trying to get Kacey (the brainiac) to be his girlfriend.

The detention bell rings. They all cheer. The gang runs out to the car park. They jump in the mini van.

'Wahooo! Finally! No more teachers. No more parents.' Jake says.

'Yeah, and if you didn't have detentions, we would be there by now!' Marcey hits Jake on the back of his head with her stiletto. Luckily he ducks.

'No fighting or get out. Let's go.' Rob puts the van into geer, they drive out of the car park. 6 Weeks of freedom.

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