A Tiger Tale

After the killing of her mother Khan the rare white Bengal tiger yearling has to fight her way to the top to survive, but will she make it when poachers cross her path and want to hunt her down for money? She doesn't know but what she does is that she is alone. Completely alone.


3. Poacher's voice

I was worried that no animals would be around after the monsoon's rain. There were plenty of deer, I had many a trophy from them, I had two full stags in the back of my truck. Clever me. The voice of my employer creeped back in to my thoughts: 'Come back with at least one tiger, or you'll be back on the streets. With no food and just the rats to keep you company.'  A sneer had krept through that phone conversation. I shuddered at the thought. 

"Paul hurry up, today is our last day to find the tiger before we have to move over to Africa. Hurry up I say!" I had screamed behind me. A man with large glasses was holding all of my guns, knives, ropes etc. I had lighted my elephant ivory pipe and smoke the rich tobacco that I had packed in to the small space available. I had only to walk a few metres, when there it was. My rich orangey prize. Her stripes were so vivid that they could have burnt to my skin. She wasn't alone though. Beside her was the ultra rare white Bengal tiger that as far as we knew was extinct in the wild and could only be bred through captivity. Oh well. I thought that I can't destroy this creature it is to rare to. What I had to do was to capture it and send it back to London and prove that it was alive and not fake through my stories that I would have tell to them. What should I do to the mother. I couldn't take a step towards the cub without the mother ripping me to shreds. I would have to get rid of her. I grabbed my gun and threw in 5 bullets and loaded the gun. I had lined it straight up to the pounding heart of her magnificent and elegant body. It was then that she turned and looked me straight in the eye. It was like she new I was there. She could sense that I was there even though she couldn't see me. When she turned away, I let go of the trigger, I let her life slip and fly. My prize was only minutes away and then I would get more through this cub. The mother looked my way and then drifted back towards the cub. Her eyes fell and then she fell. Like a sack of potatoes, she hit the ground. Her body lifeless and cold. The cub let out a furious snarl and ran far down the river and across the other side. The snow white face looked to it's mother and ran off. My prize was gone, for now 

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