A Tiger Tale

After the killing of her mother Khan the rare white Bengal tiger yearling has to fight her way to the top to survive, but will she make it when poachers cross her path and want to hunt her down for money? She doesn't know but what she does is that she is alone. Completely alone.


2. Mother's voice

She was always pressing me to go out and try her 'assumed' hunting skills that were perfect. I wanted to go and feed but something told me not to. Whenever I listened to that feeling, nothing ever happened. I took her out anyway. It was the night after a tremendous storm, the river was running close to overflowing. It roar muffled my loud paws. There was something close, too close. It was then that I saw it. The silver flash of a gun pointing directly at Khan. I looked at her. A curios expression was growing on her face. It was then that I knew what to do. as she grew even more curios to what these creatures were, I let a fierce snarl rip from my chest and bounded in front of her. The shatter of the gun going off. The impact of a bullet forcefully blowing a hole in my chest. The pain shooting through every vain in my body as the bullet stopped at my heart. I fell to the floor. The amber and emerald leaves fluttered up with the impact of my body hitting them. My daughters body was stood beside me, completely unaware of what had happened. It was then that I left.

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