A Tiger Tale

After the killing of her mother Khan the rare white Bengal tiger yearling has to fight her way to the top to survive, but will she make it when poachers cross her path and want to hunt her down for money? She doesn't know but what she does is that she is alone. Completely alone.


1. Cub's voice

Through my eyes she was my protector. She was my lover. She was my angel. She would do anything to protect me. I was two months old when she took me for a experimental hunt. We walked slowly down to the river to seek our prey. The river's furious roar muffled our steps. The beady eyed monkey troops didn't even sound their alarmed calls. That was all well and good.  That was when it all went wrong. She was always looking behind or around us. Like something was there that I couldn't see. It was then that I felt it too. It's was something I had come across before, but never had seen. Only sensed. It was there now though. something in the bushes. I took a step closer. My mother warned me back  with a fierce warning growl. A small silver flash caught my eye. It was then that I saw her fall.  

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