My fairy tale

All fairy tales start with once upon a time but this one doesn't end with happily ever after.

Hi I'm Dixie Pepper, an average 12 year old girl, this is my fairy tale story.


1. Mum!!!!

" Mum!!!" I yelled up the stairs, typical, I come home from school to find my two incredibly annoying stepsisters playing with my brand new set of feltip pens!
" Yes Dixie?" asked mum looking tiered, she has been looking sad and depressed ever since she found out she was having Mikes baby. I can't stand Mike he just walked into our life about a month after dad died, then a year later he and mum got married, I just couldn't believe it! Of course with Mike comes Hope and Gemma his 5&6 year old kids who are at this very moment wreaking my pens.
" Hope and Gemma are spoiling my pens" I tried not to whine, lately I'm starting to sound like a little brat.
" Hope and Gemma please stop playing with Dixies pens " asked mum ( way to politely )
" But she and her friends messed up our face paints and rearranged the doll house furniture" lied Hope sweetly
" Dixei" she sighed, shaking her head while I stood there bubbling with fury. " Tea will be ready in 5" she said totally forgetting about my pens.
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