A victim of bullying

WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.


3. Who has helped me Along the way.......


Well there are many people that have helped me throw my bullying, such as my parents they give me the most support out of everyone. But my friends such as Jack, maddie , heather , Lucy  and many more.They way all of them help me is by basically talking to me about it listening and letting me explain what has happened. And some of them have experienced and are still going through bullying so that helps a lot as well.  

Another way and the best way is doing what i am doing now, writing about it to you guys because you people understand where I am coming from and support me all the way.I know I am new to this site but a friend gave me the idea of writing about and it works I can express my feelings with hurting anyone in a physical or verbal manner.


Next chapter should be released to sometime within the next few days.

thanks for the support, likes , comments and fans :)



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