A victim of bullying

WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.


2. What I Have done


I know I said I will only  post one chapter but i wanted to share what I have done to try and stop it from happening. I have told my parents many times to try and help by contacting teachers and telling them what has happened.


That did work one of the people that was doing it and did get in A LOT of trouble and he has not done it since. Which i know is great, but there are so many people that are doing it would take for ever and I imagine if I did I would get threatened or beatened up. 


It Is hard what I am going through and I am not making it up.


SO my options are limited and I hope you guys have some ideas which I can use.

Next chapter should be released to sometime within the next few days.

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