A victim of bullying

WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.


1. The bully Victim



Hi my name is Matthew W and I am a victim of bullying this book maybe only one or two chapters but I want to share some of the bullying I have and still been through.


Now bullying is no laughing subject its where you get constanly picked on because you may look different or done something someone else dont like. There are many reasons, but the reason why I get bullied is because I am Ginger.


Now i get called alot of names somethat make me cry and know one can understand.


Random people as i walk past them will say " Ha its a ginger or Oh shit its a ginger or ha you are a ginger you have no soul. people point and laugh at me thinking its ok when its not i have been to teachers they dont do much, Infact it makes it worse. Ginger days are the most offensive thing ever There are Kick punch slap hug a ginger day all of them i have been through and i have told a teacher and there excuse is " but miss its a ginger day i have no choice. NO you do have a choice trying to be all hard and tough when you are nothing but dirt. people that bully have no life nothing better no to in there time, they have no feelings for others.


Bullys are a waste of skin and should go DIE.


I published this short book to express my feelings thats all and I hope there are some people that undertstand me and will support me :)


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