A victim of bullying

WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.


4. Its the Weekend- No bullying for two days.

Finally the weekend a break from bullying probaly the two days of the week I cannot wait for. just going to sit back and relax. Usaully I only get it at school only sometimes here but I can deal with that. Plus have alot more friends here that can stick up for me and they dont like it when it happens. They will get angry very quick for the smallest insults, like " you are a ginger " they will rage and say FUCK OFF leave him alone or you wont have any hair. Its very funny sometimes.


Two days Me and my mate lewis went down to our local skate park on our scooters since I got a new one i we have been wanting to go for ages. So we turn up and its pretty busy not as bad as I thought it would be. The ramps were soacking and my mate lewis just slipping and falling over its was LOLs. BUT then there was one guy there is always ONE GUY who has to you are ginger, the word that I said was you are a fucking low life who is know higher than dirt. He did not take it very well when i said it i was like "shit" i was ready for a fight literally. He said "Woah calm down i did not mean it in a offessive way". My mate Lewis said " WOW why do you need to say his hair colour you dont go up to people and say you are blonde do you?!" He did not say a word after that.....



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