A victim of bullying

WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.


5. Everyone speak out!

If you are a victim to bullying DO NOT be scared to speak up for your self its the fact that you can stand up for your self with out anyone else kind of like me. My mates are not with me 24/7 so sometimes I have to say it. Which is not really a problem most of the time only when there are other peole. If the person has people with them and they insult you, they are looking for attention or trying to impress. In most cases if there is a girl with them they will stick up for you or say " thats harsh or stop it "There are two ways and two ways only it can turn out, one they will stop doing it when you are around which is good. Two if you cry or let it get to you they will keep doing it cause they feel incrontrol of you and they think you are scared of them.


DONT BE SCARED! DONT back down if you can prove to them that you do not get offened by them they will stop. Because there is no point there objective is FAILING which is trying to make you upset.



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