The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


10. What they found

Ro and Ferdinard eventually came to a cave in the middle of a forest clearing. It looked so homely. Washing on a tree log, cauldron bubbling over an open fire and if you peeped into the cave (as Ro and Ferdinard did) you would have seen an immaculate straw tick on the floor covered by a patchwork quilt.

"Oh it's lovely!" Ro  cried looking into the cauldron before jumping back as it started spitting.

"I wonder who lives here?" Ferdinard asked wandering up some naturally grooved stone steps leading up to the roof of the cave.

Suddenly a woman with long black hair tied in a single thick braid and blue eyes so dark they could be mistaken for black burst from the entrance of the cave. She was wearing a navy regal dress with silver embroidered on the hems. Ro screamed and dropped her basket. She ran back. Ferdinard came down the steps and stood in front of Ro drawing his sword as he did so.

"There is no need for violence, after all, you would be the ones that invaded my home." The woman said, her voice like melted chocolate. She had made a good pointRo thought. She smiled. She could feel this woman was safe, and responsible.

"I knew you would come my child," The woman said looking directly at Ro "I know the truth and secrets of your past.... and of your future. I know whom you love, whom you will cherish and whom you were born to." The midnight lady (which Ro had silently nicknamed her considering her clothes and features) told them gently, like a mother and beckoned for them to come into the cave. Ro followed but Ferdinard grabbed her wrist she turned and looked at him.

"What is it Ferd? Scared? She could be a vicious ogre!" She joked.

"We don't know anything about her. She could be anyone. I don't want you to get hurt, Ro, please" Ferdinard said, worry lines forming on his forehead. Ro broke away from his loose grip.

"Men! Always too scared to do anything. Where's your sense of adventure! Come on Ferd! Don't you want to know about the 'secrets' from my past?!" Ro grinned walking towards the cave again.

Ferdinard scowled and followed slouching disrespectedly.

"I am Milani! Queen of this island and the stars." Queen Milani said as candles magically lit the room. Ro was entranced by her presence and her eyes glazed with wonder.

"I know where you are from Ro, and of your parents. Not to forget your destiny." Milani stared into Ro's sea green eyes so hard Ro thought her head would burst from the attention.

"Tell, me, Milani, your majesty, who am I?" Ro questioned anxiously.

"Let me tell you..."

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