The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


7. The Kiss

Ro went back to her quarters and sat downon her tired bed. She sobbed and sobbed. Tears rolling down her flushed pink face rapidly. Her hands were soon covered with her tears as well as she tried to cover up.

Why had I done that? It was stupid. Now he would forget about me. What else could I have done?  These thoughts flew through Ro's head again and again until she felt dizzy. She felt so dizzy she layed down and shut her eyes. She was soon dreaming.

"My darling. Wake up" It was Ferdinard. She was wearing a silk white nightgown and laying over her in a silk white shirt was Ferdinard. He kissed her lips and stroked her hair lovingly. She sat up and a maid came in.

"Your majesty. What would you like for breakfast?" The maid (which was actually Mel) asked smiling

" Coffee and a cooked breakfast" Ro replied.

"Ro, you can't have coffee! Not when you're pregnant with our 7th child!" Ferdinard exclaimed.

"Of course!" Ro said shaking her head smiling.

As if on instinct 6 children entered their parents bedroom.

Lavinna, the spitting image of her grandmother, long dark hair and lashes, pale skin with bright rosy cheeks.

James, known as Jim had pale gold hair and sea eyes.

Annie, with auburn hair and sea green eyes. Just like her mother.

Arthur who looked like Ferdinard but less worried! His eyes always twinkled.

And of course the twins Rose and Lavendar. Brunettes with matching brown eyes. But Lavendar always looked more dreamy then Rose.

Ro smiled at her children. Each came forward and allowed their hands to be kissed. Ro laughed and hauled them all onto the bed with caring hands.

"Careful! Don't hurt youre mother or your little brother or sister!" Ferdinard laughed frowning slightly. Lavinna who was 16 stroked her mother's belly carefully so as to soove the pain that came with pregnancy.

"Thank you Lavinna." Roo smiled at her eldest child.

Jim (13) and Arthur (10) were play fighting with Ferdinard who was lifting them high above his head and tickling them endlessly. Annie (12) was talking eagerly to her mother about a new dress she had been given by the Earl of Wessex. Her mother listened with attentive ears always knowing how to respond to her daughter and although she would never admit it her favourite. Meanwhile the twins (6) were listening to Annie whilst tickling Arthur. 

Ro laid back and enjoyed the warmth of her family around her. She kissed Annie as she leant down beside her then Rose and Lavendar and then Lavinna. Lavinna has grown so much. Soon we will need to find a husband for her. Hmm the young Prince Quentin of Wales would be appropiate. Ro thoght unbeknown to her daughter who was lavishing in her father's compliments.

"Ro! Get up now! You need to deliver the trout to the Prince's table!" the Head Chef yelled in Ro's ear awakening her from her dream.

Ro groaned and sat up, hitting her head on the low beams of the bed above her. She straightened  out her cap and went and got the the trout. She carried it down the hall and into the big dining cabin. Prince Ferdinard was at the head and looked at her, his eyes sparkling in the dull light of the gloomy cabin.  She felt her heart beat faster and she slowly walked to the Prince's seat so she could lay the trout in front of him. Even though it was just an ordinary day she felt all the sailor's eyes piercing her skull. She felt she would collapse but she kept going even when Marcus put a huge hand firmly on her bum as his seat was to the  right of Ferdinard's.

"Here you are your majesty." Ro said her voice faltering. Normally she would be sincere and emotionless but tonight her cheeks turned beetroot red and her voice sounded sweet.


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