The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


11. Ro's True Story

"Well... Let me begin my dear child." Milani smiled graciously uncovering a shiny pearl that was nesting in a bed of seaweed. The surface began to glow and shapes began to appear.

"You were born on this island to myself and a sailor who once found this island. He cursed the island after spending the night with me. I was alone on this island, a pregnant woman, apart from the seagulls. They stayed with me the whole entire journey through pregnancy. It was on the starlit evening that I gave birth to you. A small child with bright red hair, that I see has darkened since your birth. I knew I could not care for a wee child like yourself. I couldn't. I had to try and break the curse. And if you didn't leave soon it would infect you. I cried when I thought I would have to part with my only child, but the stars told me I would see you again. My child. I put a spell on two seagulls to take you to the castle of Queen Lavinna as she was my closest friend before. The seagulls would change form into humans when they landed on soil. You were left there. And you know your tale from that point on, don't you child. I know whom you will love, and marry." With that Milani cast a secretive glance at Ferdinard who was exploring her home.

"The curse..." Ro stammered almost asking a question

"What about it?" Milani smiled and looked at her daughter proudly.

"What was the curse?"

Milani didn't answer at first only whispered "She has red hair like her father's" Then she shook her head which brought her back to reality. "If anyone saw this cursed piece of rock they would be cursed with the seagulls chattering, it would be bearable, but only just. If you landed on this rock, the noise would disappear. But as soon as you leave the noise will be so strong it will kill you."

Milani looked regretful at telling the truth of the island. Ro sunk to the floor. She was scared of death, as most people are but it came greater to her. There was one thing still bothering her. How did Milani know she, Ro, was her lost daughter. This question played in her head until even Ferdinard (who was not physic) could sense it.

"Child, you have a broken piece of wood, that belongs with it's other half don't you think." With that Milani revealed a piece of wood with the same engraving as her own piece.

"It was a rough night I sent you away. You were in a basket in a chest. I found the chest on the shore the next morning with half of it ripped off. You had the first two letters to your name. I wanted you to remember you name but that was the only thing left." Milani put a cloaked arm around her daughters shivering shoulders.

Ro placed the two pieces together and read aloud the name engraved upon it. "Roslyn"

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