The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


6. Ro's Story

"Can I tell you something?" Ro asked the prince whom she still thought was only a common sailor.

"Of course" Ferdinard said seriously "But why would you tell me?"

"Because I trust you" Ro said earnestly.

"Thank you" Ferdinard said

"Well, I want to tell you my story."

"Your story?"

"My life story."

"Oh. Begin..."

"Well... I was found one night... outside the palace. No-one knew why I was left there, and no-one know's today. Maybe it was only a coincidence. I don't know. The King and Queen sent me to the orphanage but I was returned to their doorstep the next night. They decided to keep me as their own until I was old enough to work in the kitchens as a maid or servant. You see Queen Lavinna had just given birth to a son. Called Ferdinard. He's on this ship right now. She was very weak and almost died. But she didn't. Which I'm so glad about. I was dressed in silks and owned the finest jewels in the kingdom. Everyday I would play with Ferdinard in the special garden. We would be pirates, wizards, explorers. It was thrilling. Queen Lavinna had learned to love me as her own child. King Saul hadn't, he still treated me like a dirty little orphan. He hated how Lavinna dressed me in fine expensive clothes when I didn't belong to her. In her eyes I was Ferdinard's twin sister. But if we were twins, we broke all the rules of being twins. I was a girl, he was a boy. I had red hair. He had gold. His eyes were blue and mine were sea green.

"One night King Saul grabbed me by the ear and stripped me of my clothes, leaving only my underdress. I simply thought I was beign given a new robe but he was keeping his promise. He was going to turn me into a servant.  I cried in anguish as he dragged me to the kitchen and threw me in. He told the public I had died after being scalded completely. I cried for my mother. Well, Queen Lavinna. She would bring me cakes sometimes. but I soon realised they were cakes I had made. I refused to see her when she visited. She soon hated me as much as Saul did. That arrogant, selfish, stone, heartless man! I'm sorry. It wasn't my place to say that. I continued to work in the kitchen's ever since." Ro finished.

"What of Ferdinard?" Ferdinard asked. Just to see if this had been his playmate in his youth.

"He forgot about me. Never visited. Not once." Ro shedded a tear as she thought of her eventful past.

Ferdinard put his arm around her. He brushed away her tears.

"I'm Prince Ferdinard." Ferdinard said - knowing it was time for her to know the truth.

"What? No! You can't be!" Ro cried "But... I can see it now. Golden hair. Blue eyes. It really is you Ferd!" She hugged him hard

"Rosalina! I thought you had died! Oh how hateful my father was! But the world is free of him now!"

"He's dead?"

"Yes. Along with my beautiful mother."

"Lavinna's dead?" Ro whispered heartbroken.

"Yes, my father killed her. By accident."


"He wanted to kill the baby girl my mother actually gave birth to a year ago. He came in to the child's room and held the knife above her. My mother jumped in front of her and her heart was pierced. Saul stabbed himself after he knew what he had done. My sister Valentine is still well though. For the moment"

"You have a sister." Ro said forlornly

"Yes, but I shall never look upon her as I do you Rosalina." Ferdinard said pushing an auburn curl off her white forehead.

"I'm not Rosalina," Ferdinard looked at Ro astounded. "My name is Ro. That is what it said on the broken piece of engraved wood found with me. So that is my name." Ro said fiercely.

"I understand." Ferdinard said his eyes twinkling.

He leant forward, and so did she. Their lips millimetres from each other. She could smell the faint wisp of tobacco and he could see shining salt flakes on her lips. Their heads came closer. His hands wrapped around her cheeks. Her hands on his chest. Their lips touched. It was a true kiss of passion, love and beauty. Their lips wouldn't separate, they couldn't. Hearts pounding and fingers trembling Ro finally pulled away. Ferdinard looked puzzled as if a spider had left a fly alone when it was starving hungry.

"I can't do this." Ro said tears spurting from her eyes again.

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" Ferdinard asked soulfully

"Yes... No! I mean.... I can't kiss you! You're the prince! I'm just a servant! It isn't right." Ro walked off forgetting about Mel who was now in a very dangerous predicament!


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