The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


9. Meeting and Smoke

Ferdinard placed the telescope to his eye again and climbed up another rocky mound. He was looking for something interesting, something to impress Ro. Ro. He thought silently. Her beauty made him feel whoosy. He remembered something she had said when she was telling her story. "'He forgot about me. Never visited. Not once'" He repeated to himself softly. "Oh, Ro, I did want to visit you so, but my father, you know what he's like..." Ferdinard continued whispering to himself. He looked up and saw a wisp of smoke.

"A wisp of smoke on an island? Smoke means life. Life means people!" Ferdinard exclaimed shutting the telescope with force that left a red welt on his roughened hand. He ran off to see what was at the source of the smoke.


"Lalalala, oh, Lalalala. Hmmm." Ro sang to herself. She had found some berries and was carrying her basket under her arm. She looked at some of the beautiful flowers lining the path she was walking along. "This would be the perfect place to live." Ro silently considered. She heard a whoop of joy in the distance. She laughed heartily.

"Oh, Ferdinard! When will you grow up!" She laughed running off to catch up the man she had kissed.


Ferdinard was striding fast, when Ro came running up from behind,  her dress flowing out behind her and grabbed his hand with her own.

He looked around in surprise and put his arm around her shoulder. Ro looked uncomfortable and he removed his arm, not wanting to displease the woman he so wanted to woo.

"Whta are you looking for?" Ro asked, eyes shining in the presence of the prince.

"I saw some smoke and thought I would investigate." Ferdinard replied holding up a branch so Ro and himself could duck under.

"It could be a dragon!" Ro giggled

"Or a witch that will eat you up!" Ferdinard said cackling mischeviously whilst Ro hid behind a tree. he offered her a hand. She took it willingly. Grinning stupidly. They carried on walking. Hand in hand. They looked so much like a couple that they could have easily been mistaken for one.

Ro eventually gave in to temptation and rested her swore head on Ferdinard's broad shoulder. Ferdinard smiled. He wanted her so much. She was the one he wanted to marry and become his Queen. Silently he considered this thought. He wove a wonderful tale of their children. One called Lavinna, Arthur, James (shortened to Jim), Annie, Arthur and twin girls, Rose and Lavendar.

They were the children from Ro's dream. Was that merely a coincidence?

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