The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


8. Landing on the Island

A few weeks after the fateful kiss the ship was busy, getting ready to anchor on the shore of the island.

"Haul the anchor! Pull the ropes! Straighten the sails!" Captain Jim yelled. By now all the sailors had seen the island and were instantly captured by seagulls mowing in the air. The sailors thought this was just the thought of coming ashore that had put the chatter of birds in their heads.

Below decks the maids were gathering any kind of container that they would be able to gather food in. Ro grabbed a wicker basket and leather satchel emptying them of rotting vegetables.

Hurrying upto the deck her eyes were blinded by the sudden light. The seagulls noise became louder in her ears. She saw Ferdinard controlling one of the small rowing boats that were being lowered into the blue roaring waves.

"Ferd!" She called waving at him.

"Rosa- I mean Ro! Are you getting in this boat?" Ferdinard asked eyes sparkling in the sun.

"Yes." Ro smiled guilt flooding her as she thought of the kiss. She really loved him.

Ro stepped aboard the little wooden boat holding Ferdinard's hand to steady herself against the rocking boat in the breezy weather. Ferdinard stepped aboard also and the boat landed in the water with a loud splash. Ro screamed as water soaked her skin and clothes despite the fact Ferdinard had tried to shield her by putting his arms around her. They laughed it off and talked as if they were children again, oblivious of Captain Jim and the Head Chef (also known as Janice) watching them with interest. Finally the little ship ran into the bone-white sand and they climbed off. Ro ran off to meet the other servants and find out where they were meant to go whilst Ferdinard looked throught his telescope and headed off, looking for an adventure.

The servants were chattering idlely until Janice banged a wooden spoon against an empty cauldron.

"Split up and forage all over the island until you hear this noise again" With that Janice hit the cauldron again, causing all the servants to cover their ears.

"Understood Mistress Head Chef" They all chorused before running off...



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