The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


2. Land - in the middle of the ocean?

Prince Ferdinard put his golden telescope to his eye and gazed at the endless blue Pacific, but then he saw something... no it couldn't be. Something green! An island. As soon as he saw it the mechanical sounding cry of seagulls filled his head. Yet he couldn't see any seagulls. He must be imagining things. He was known to imagine magical, mystical beings and things. He smiled looking closer at the island. Bone-white beach, green,green trees and grey rocks that looked like lumps of discarded metal. He removed the telescope from his amber eye and squinted at the floating land in the sea. They were in the middle of the sea. There couldn't be an island. But there it was. An island.

"Captain" Ferdinard called above the noise of the crew working and the sea crashing mercilessly against the sides of the boat making it rock dangerously.

"Yes, your majesty" Came the captain's rough reply. His small blue eyes frowned at the prince out of a tanned weather beaten face.

"Head East. There's an Island" Ferdinard continued yelling louder so he could be heard above the seagulls chatter. His hair blew wildly around his strong face whilst his blistered hands hung onto the rigging on the ship.

"Aye, aye Sire" Captain Jim nodded spinning the huge old wooden wheel towards East making everyone lurch violently to the stardeck.

"Oi!" called Marcus, the bully of the boat. He climbed up the steps that lead upto the wheel. He glared down at Captain JIm (who was a bit on the short side) clenching his fist and moving it centimeteres from his face.

"Watch it cap'in" He snarled. Spitting salvia all over Captain Jim's battered face.

"I'm the captain, sonny. So you watch it." Captain Jim replied gaining 4 inches by standing on his toes. Marcus backed down his snarl still on his face.

"Watch it Marcus. You don't want your face to become stuck like that" Jim's voice was icy but his eyes gave him away that he was joking. The glittered in the light.

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