The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


5. Ferdinard meets Ro

Ferdinard walked down the walkway that lead to the Doctor's cabin. On Captain Jim's orders he had been told to see the Doctor about his dilusional seagull chattering. He stopped as he came to the corridor that would lead to the cabin. Why? Well, because he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had thick auburn hair pulled untidily under a maid's cap and the palest of skin he had ever seen and her eyes, they were a shade greener then the sea.

"Beautiful." The prince breathed, lovestruck. He regained himself and walked down to meet the woman who was waiting outside the cabin.

"Is he busy?" He asked

"Yes, sir" The woman (Ro) answered, completely unaware that she was talking to the prince. "He's treating my friend, she was scalded by boiling water." She pushed a lock of hair off of her face.

"Oh, very well." Ferdinard said shaking his golden head.

"Can you hear the gulls?" Ro asked suddenly out of the blue.

"Yes, but no one else can." Ferdinard replied.

"Hmmmm. I thought so. I knew there was something funny about hearing gulls when there aren't any in the sky" Ro frowned, deep in concentration.

Ro gazed out of the porthole longingly. She desparately wanted to swim in the clear blue ocean. It was beckoning her with every wave. She sighed.

Ferdinard watched her, he wondered what she saw. He looked at the sea. he had the same thought as Ro, only they didn't know it.

"Wouldn't you just love....." They both begun, then looked away sheepishly at speaking at the same time.

"You first... I insist" Ferdinard said, just like a gentleman.

"Thank you, wouldn't you just love to swim in the sea. It's so tempting. Yet it would be so improper of me if I did." Ro sighed again.

"I had exactly the same thought. Maybe it's the seagulls!" He joked, his blue eyes twinkling with laughter.

"Hmmm" Was Ro's only reply.

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