The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


4. Doctor - and an unpleasant visit from Marcus

The door creaked open and revealed an old man who resembled a mouse. He peered through his little spectactles that sat at the end of his nose. His grey whiskers were bushy and to be perfectly honest quite ugly.

"Yes?" He queried trying to focus on the two girls standing before him.

"My friend has been scalded. We need you to help soothe the pain" Ro said firmly. Knowing it was the only way to talk to the doctor whose mind would change subject indesicsively.

"Well, she must come in alone so I can apply some ointment. It only works if there's nobody else in the room"  said the doctor his eyes gazing at the ocean.

"Very well." Ro said her face like stone. "But be quick about it, we still have to prepare the Prince's dinner" she scowled and gave Mel a reassuring smile as she was ushered into the doctor's quarters.

Ro paced up and down the walkway wondering what to do. She stopped and gazed out of a nearby porthole. She could see a smudge of green on the horizon. Her imaginative mind instantly started weaving a magical story about an island and a mysterious woman who lived on it. Suddenly all she could hear were seagulls crying out. She shook her head trying to shake off the noise. Ro looked up at the sky through the porthole and saw no seagulls. Not a single one. She wondered why she could hear it so vividly if it was just in her imagination. She wondered and stood so serenely you would have thought she was a statue.

Just then Marcus (the bully) walked past. His hand reached out and grabbed her by the waist causing her to let out a small scream of terror. She saw it was Marcus and sneered. What would any woman want with this wretch., she thought silently.

"Unhand me now Marcus" Ro demanded with such power Marcus almost followed her command. But Marcus was too vain to think he could be defeated by a woman. Instead he pulled her close to him and started unbuttoning the back of her dress. She felt his hands enter and touch her cold flesh. She felt them come round. Ro's fury was getting bigger and bigger. Just as Marcus was about to touch her again she slapped his face, good and proper with such a force it made him topple over! Marcus got up quickly, his face burning scarlet. He gripped her wrist and squeezed it painfully so she was kneeling on the floor, begging him to stop.

"Please Marcus, please. Stop it. You're hurting me." Ro cried over and over bitter tears bursting from her eye sockets. Finally he let go.

He leant down so that his mouth almost touched her ear and said "I don't want any funny buissness from you missus. So keep your mouth shut if you don't want any trouble" He growled at her and stormed off.

Ro was able to breathe again. But the seagulls chatter made her think again.


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