The Island

About an island and it's mysteries!!!


3. Below Decks

Below the decks of the ship Prince the maids and servants went flying across the room. The huge fish they had just prepared landed on the floor much to annoyance of the head cook.

"Not again! When will that fivolous Captain Jim learn to control the ship!" She cried her piggy eyes dark with rage inside rolls of pink flesh. Her dress buttons were surprisingly still on but were badly strained.

One of the younger maids (and one of the most beautiful) leant down and started clearing up the mess on the wood boards. She placed it on the table, her hands shining with rainbow scales that had become stuck to her once smooth hands.

The head cook looked at her gratefully and pulled a piece of sweaty pork out of a barrel.

"I suppose we've got to serve the men this then." She sighed

The young maid (whose name was Ro) started picking dried herbs from a wooden box. She painted an alcholic drink onto the stinking meat and pored the herbs on top, creating what would be a lovely meal if the pork wasn't sweating. She offered it to the dark haired maid who was in charge of cooking the meat. She took it gracefully without any sign of emotion. Ro looked taken aback but turned haughtily to show she didn't care. The ship rocked about again and the boiling soup was spilt scalding Ro's friend Mel, whose pale blonde hair looked as if it belonged to a fairy. Ro sighed and helped mel up who had fallen to the floor in pain. Mel hobbled along with Ro to the doctor's cabin. They knocked on the door and waited for a response.

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