The Battle for Thandol Span

The Poem is a role play poem written by my World of Warcraft Character after a pvp skirmish with a Horde guild on my server.


1. The Battle for Thandol Span


The  Battle `O Thandol  Span.


Upon a bridge called Thandol Span,

Stood twelve bold heroes from the Dwarven clan,

Across the Span on distant shore,

Stood the wretched elves….of the Sin Belore.


One Dwarf stood taller than the rest,

And the evil horde he did address,

“These Dwarvish lands ye dare harass,

 I tell ye scum ye shall not pass”


Storm clouds gathered and rain it fell,

As the Blood elves charged the bridge from Hell.

Hammers smashed and axes chopped,

And soon the evil charge was stopped.


The Three Hammers held the bridge that spanned the flood,

And soaked it`s stones in Elvish  blood.

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