Perfect Picture

"Your not fazed by celebrities are you?" Jordan smiled.
He's right. I'm not. I work with them everyday, dealing with their bratty behaviour, their desires and needs for ridiculous things.
But there is one guy I would like to meet. Ed Sheeran.
Rachel is a twenty-one year old photographer living in South London. This is the job she always dreamed of having, and she won't let anything stand in her way of it. Not even love. Or will she?


1. Jordan

"Your not fazed by celebrities, are you?" Jordan smiles.

I love it when he smiles. He can be so serious sometimes and I hate seeing him like that. He is right though. I'm definately not. To be honest, besides Coldplay, There isn't anybody I particulaly look up too. And they don't really count because, who doesn't like coldplay?

"No. I have no reason to be. I'm not here to gawp at them and tell them how much I love them. I'm here to do my job. And that is taking photographs of them." I say in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

Jordan just laughs. Jordan is my best friend. We've been friends since I was eleven and he was twelve. He was a friend of my brothers but then he became my best friend. At first it was only because I thought he was cute but then I realised how nice he was. I guess there was a bit of puppy-love when we were about fourteen/fifteen but we both realised that we were better as friends. It's been that way ever since. Our jobs worked out pretty well because he owns a company which designs CD covers and Posters of celebrities and I'm a photographer. I have my own company but Jordan pretty much hires me for every job that comes in for him. My life seems to have panned out pretty well to be honest. My younger brother, Harry, is in a VERY succesful band called One Direction and my older brother, Charlie, is a football player. Not a player for England or anything but he plays for Essex. He lives there too and is engaged to a girl called Lucy. She's a hairdresser. She's um...Bubbly and a bit thick but she is really sweet!


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