Perfect Picture

"Your not fazed by celebrities are you?" Jordan smiled.
He's right. I'm not. I work with them everyday, dealing with their bratty behaviour, their desires and needs for ridiculous things.
But there is one guy I would like to meet. Ed Sheeran.
Rachel is a twenty-one year old photographer living in South London. This is the job she always dreamed of having, and she won't let anything stand in her way of it. Not even love. Or will she?


2. Interruption

Ed Sheeran walks through the door. I completely forget about everything I've just said and turn into a dizzy wreck. He looks so perfect, just standing their. The ginger hair, the ralph lauren hoodie, the jeans, the nike high-tops. It's weird seeing him in person. Not just in a magazine. Me and Jordan saw him live last year but even this doesnt compare to that. We were right at the back but now hes just a metre away. He starts speaking to his manager and his manager points to Jordan. Ed starts walking over.

"Don't tell him about my T-shirt and I won't tell him about your poster." Jordan whispers. I stifle a giggle.

"Um, hi. I'm Ed. Your the guys who's designing my new album right?" He smiles warmly.

"Yeah. I'm Jordan. This is Rachel." He gestures his hands towards me.

"Hey! I like your top" He smiles.

 I look down and notice I'm wearing my favourite t-shirt. It's grey with a black diamonte skull on it. It's from topshop. A birthday present from Lucy.

"Thank you. I'm Rachel, But everyone calls me Ritzy. God knows why." I say.

"I've gotta go and get ready, see you two in a minute." Jordan says quickly, before leaving. Great. So he's left me here with Ed Sheeran. My favourite singer. Awkward.

"Ok well did you-" He starts but is interrupted by Ella.

She shoves me out the way and beams at him.

"I'm Ella! I like, LOVE your song "The A Team". It's so good cos I love that movie." She says, barely taking a breath.

"Um you do know that the song is about a woman on drugs. It's about the movie 'The A team'" Ed says

"Well yeah, I uh...." Ella mutteres.

"So Ritzy, I was gonna ask if after this you wanted to go to starbucks or something?" Ed says.

Ella's jaw drops and she slumps off.

"Well, this is quite new for me. I never usually go out with the people I take picture of," I say cheekily.

"Could you make an acception for me?" Ed asks, raising his eyebrow.

"I think so. But let me check my diary." I smile, pulling out my neon pink filofax out of my tote bag. I dont even open it before I say, "Yep. looks like I can make it!"

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