Lord of Revenge.

A mysterious being has taken Illidan from his final moments in the Black Temple, to the time just following Deathwing's death at the combined hands of mortal hero's' and the dragon aspects. The mysterious figure has asked for Illidan to herald chaos by manipulating Azeroth's inhabitants. And Illidan has been offered a chance to sate his lust for vengeance in the process.


1. From the Grasp of Defeat.


I was awoken by the churning madness that was the maelstrom.  Straining to pull myself to my feet I let out a gasp of pain and crumpled to the ground in a helpless form.  The spray of chaotic water splashed against my disfigured form. Even my memories would not flow, and instead simply pounded against my mind like the water against shards of rock. I mustered all of my strength to pick my head up and survey my surroundings.  It was night time, but I could make out the jagged shapes of earth, lit by the terrible orange glow of elemental power raging in the water below.  I closed my eyes, but even then darkness would not come.  No, even as I shut out the world around me the terrible green glow haunted me, and his voice reverberated in my skull.  Unable to fall back into sleep I lied there in a pool of my own blood and tears.  Once more the voice spoke in its deep, haunting voice, “Rise from your slumber child of destiny, your fate has not yet been fulfilled.”  The same words that the voice had been uttering for what seemed like eternity, truth be told I had long since lost track of time.  Unable to cope with the situation I slowly pulled myself towards the edge of my rock.  Taking a deep breath I pushed myself with every ounce of power left in me over into the abyss, desperate to free myself from this agony. 

I let out a choked gasp as a strong hand grabbed me by the neck.  “You do not have my permission to waste your existence yet again.”  In a swift motion he pulled me and threw my body violently down.  “You have been brought by the sands of time, from the edge of your demise to bring this world to its knees.” Even now I would not let him intimidate me “You are a fool, your herald of destruction was killed, your followers wiped out, and your power diminished one hundred fold.”  The figure pushed down his seething anger and instead put up a façade of contemplative serenity, one that did not fool me.  I could see the desire in his eyes, and the anger pouring from every word.  “What will stop you from betraying me just as they did?”  He pondered my question before waving his hand, resulting in a massive tremor causing the water to cascade over us invigorating me with power.  “I do not seek conquest, I do not seek power, I wish only for the world to burn.  You and I have nothing to fight over betrayer, vengeance will be yours.” “What of those who have stopped us before,” a look of embarrassment and hatred played across my face as I asked, “what of the mortals?”  He snickered “The aspects are as good as dead, robbed of their divine powers.  And even as we speak the races of Azeroth prepare for a petty war of greed and envy.”  I smirked, feeling raw power emanating from the maelstrom.  Control is what had crippled me before.  Following orders, betrayed for breaking foolish rules, abandoned for seeking the forbidden.  No more.  “I shall follow you on your path of destruction.”  He smiled at my decision and disappeared into the chaotic wind. 

The voice once more filled my thoughts “Illidan, prepare now for your true fate to take its course.  Now is the moment of reckoning.  Now is the time of revenge!”  Primal energy coursed through my unholy form, infusing me with power ten times that of which I had known.  Reinvigorated I shot up, pounding my wings as I flew up to the sky, runes glowing on my demonic form.  I shouted over the water, “now this world will know their mistakes, they will face their sins at my hands.  They are not prepared!”  And so I flew, the sounds of the maelstrom fading into the distance, filled with unkempt emotions, and unresolved thoughts, I was chaos incarnate.  This was who I was meant to be.  This is the true form of Illidan Stormrage.

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