Life from a Capitol citizen's eyes.

The Hunger Games Fanfiction, life from a Capitol citizen's eyes. What would it be like? What would they think and do all day?
-okay I was looking through pictures when I came across a few that inspired me to think like a capitol citizen! *pictures are my best insperation! :P


1. Day 1.

I woke up to smell freshly cut fruit and perfume sprayed all around. The light from the big rectangle window came shining through, I sat up looking straight ahead into my window. The city lays buzzing with life, it looks an awful lot like a city I heard about a whole ago that used to be here hundreds of years ago called New York City. I've seen photos of it, and I must say it looked wonderful!
I can feel the smooth silky covers of my double sized bed. The covers were a baby pink colour with white Lacey Frills around the edge. My bedroom is quite big, I have a dressing table to my left that is cream with flashing lights around it, and to my right a big built in wardrobe!

"Rubella!" My name was being shouted from outside by a man I knew very well!
"Come in, Stanza!" I shouted, I looked behind me at the clock, it's 9:37am. It must be important, Stanza never gets up before noon unless it's important. He's my personal Fashion designer an all round best friend.
"I have great news for you,dear!" he came running in throwing the door open, he was dressed in a green suit that has golden stripes going down it, his raven black hair swept to one side and brights blue dyed eyes gleaming at me.
"You've got it! You are aloud to bet in the games!" he squealed happily.
"ohh yes finally!" I shouted happily! Getting able to bet in The Hunger Games was a big thing, me and Stanza have been trying for years without luck. It's the 74th games this year and I do agree on what Seneca Crane said, he's the head game maker and this is his third year, and I must say I do like his beard! Anyway he said "we have a good mix of tributes this year" and it's true! Well apart from the same old tributes from District 1 and 2. But this year we have a tall strong boy from District 11 goes by the name of Thresh. He looks like a challange, and then...a girl. From District 12.....her name is Katniss Everdeen, and She volunteered for her sister primrose. She sounds strong.
"darling, I have the schedule for the games since now your a bidder!" stanza gleamed.
I took the scroll from him that was neatly tied up with a red ribbon, I could smell rose's of it. The schedule read,
"15th July - tributes parade. All bidders must attend or face punishment.
22 July - tributes score's are revealed.
9:00pm- Tributes interview. Must attened, or face punishment.
23 July - betting begin.
7:30. - The Hunger Games celebration party. Must attend, or face punishment.
4 July - The Games begin.
5:00pm - sponsoring begins.
4 - 16 July - Games End
16+ July - victory tour

Thankyou for all your help, the games couldn't work without you.
Your Sincerely,
President Snow and Seneca Crane."

"What's the date Stanza?" I asked, looking back up at him.
"14th July, my dear" he said.
Oh no! The tributes parade is tomorrow, and I've had no preparation!
"We're going to town Stanza, get your money."
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