I've been going through my books and notes, and doing so I recovered a bunch of poems, that I've written by myself both recently and long ago. Some of them have reasons and stories behind them, which I may or may not share with you, while others are just the results of my imagination going in circles, squares or whatever kind of pattern my mind is made of.


5. Indescribably perfect


This one was written for a friend, who needed help creating it for a special occasion


We all know, that I have never been a poet, not at all compared to you

But with my reasonable share of help, I can manage too 

To describe how I feel about you, I find very tough

I could tell you how much I love you, but it would never be enough

I could explain that the universe made us perfect for each other

That no matter what will happen, I can never love another

I could say, that your smile lights up every aspect of my life

Tell how everything fell into place, when you became my wife

And in the end I could beg you to never turn your back on me

Because it would leave me trapped in the dark unable to see

When you meet my eyes, I just know that together we're complete

If I have you by my side, I feel sure that nothing will me defeat

Darling, you're the most amazing thing that has ever crossed my eye

I'll fight away anything, that could possibly make you cry

The burden of your sorrow will be one for me to bear

For as long as I stand, the burden on your shoulders shall be rare

I consider it life's greatest gift to be able to hold you tight

Because when I hear your laughter, I know everything is right

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