I've been going through my books and notes, and doing so I recovered a bunch of poems, that I've written by myself both recently and long ago. Some of them have reasons and stories behind them, which I may or may not share with you, while others are just the results of my imagination going in circles, squares or whatever kind of pattern my mind is made of.


3. A regretful pattern of love

Some day you'll open your eyes

And see through my disguise 

You'll finally realize

That I know all of your lies


I am never feeling pride

When I think of our fight

And all the deep-felt despite

Darkening our only light 


Together we went too low

Putting on quite a show 

My anger could even glow

When you did your final bow


To you I would only say

That this is no damn play

That I will never obey

Not in dark night nor bright day 


The very last time we kissed

The whole thing took a twist

When I was hit by your fist 

And you crossed me off your list 


I'm left on the floor to rot

I tell you, quite a lot

Floating from the deepest cut 

It is all over, my blood 


Over me you'd never cry 

How do you justify 

That you wanted me to die

That it was all one big lie 


And you knew it all along

Knew that something was wrong

Why did it take you so long

To prove that I was not that strong 


Now I watch you from above

You're still acting that tough 

But life is becoming rough 

I smile by your every cough 


I am no longer around 

But you're forever bound 

To the not so sacred ground 

You'll run by the speed of sound 


Darling, you'll run, I can see

You'll fall down on your knee

You're so sorry, you can be

You'll beg forgiveness of me


But I don't feel sorry too

I'll turn my back on you 

And from that moment you knew

You're the invisible crew


No, you can never be seen 

Numb fear will from you stream 

Of your curse I am the queen 

And satisfied back I lean 

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