I've been going through my books and notes, and doing so I recovered a bunch of poems, that I've written by myself both recently and long ago. Some of them have reasons and stories behind them, which I may or may not share with you, while others are just the results of my imagination going in circles, squares or whatever kind of pattern my mind is made of.


1. I'll always love you

Heaven sent me the angel's greetings, when your smile lit up my life

Hell's demons seemed so far away, when you asked me to be your wife


And everything I had ever loved was not yet that important

Because all of a sudden you were my hearts only lieutenant


I was blinded by your actions, your smile and how you made me fly

You cared about me, you lifted me up and held me when I cry


Even if you turned me down, it would not feel like a rejection

'Cause everything you did was part of the picture of perfection


But you tore me into pieces, closed your eyes and left me behind

I felt lonely, when I was trapped in the darkest part of your mind


Your heart showed me things that would any other person terrify

But all along I had this feeling, you would not let me die


Is there any hope for us, any hope in your tormented soul?

Will you ever again look at me, realize I make you whole?


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