Both sides of the story

two girls one is the bully, the other is the victim but who is wrong and who is right ?


1. Monday Morning

I saw her.Straight away.Her big blue eyes glaring straight at me,her nostrils flared.She laughed and whispered to Chantelle.My body was frozen,stuck to the ground but my cheeks blushed bright.I could read her lips.Freak,werido,boffin.They weren't as bad as the things she done after school.They were terrible.

Lucy Greenvile,thats her name.From the first day at Redhill,she spotted me out.She hated my pale skin,my ginger hair and worst of all my Irish accent.It started off with just name calling but then it got worst,they chanted it everywhere I went.One day after school I noticed her following me,she was all alone though so I kept on walking.She was on the phone to one of her gang members . I tried to listen in but her voice was harsh and quiet.I was nearly at my road when one of her gang members stepped out of the alley.She hit me and kick whilst Lucy filimed it.Once she was finished I was left on the ground,a cripple.


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