Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


1. The Meeting.

I woke up and slapped my alarm,knocking it off my bedside table. I groaned and swung my legs out of my comfy double bed and picked it up.

"I hate you," I thumped it down on the table and slipped on my bunny slippers and dressing gown and went downstairs. "Morning!" I grinned at my room mate,Lucy, and sat down at the breakfast bar. She was making pancakes and dumped a load on the empty plate in front of me. I drenched them in syrup and dug in. "These are delicious, Lu."

"Why thank you," She grinned back and sat down next to me. She was a student at a top cooking college in the center of London and she was an amazing cook. "So, plans for today? It is a Saturday after all." I dropped my spoon as I suddenly remembered what I was doing today.

"IT'S THE SIGNING TODAY!" I screamed and jumped out of my seat. Lucy covered her ears and laughed me. "I have to get ready!" I ran up stair and threw open the doors of my walk-in wardrobe. I started filing through my skirts and dresses. I decided on a navy blue skirt and a white camisole with a navy blue cardigan and pink heels. I laid my clothes on the bed and jumped in the shower. I rubbed shampoo into my hair and rubbed myself over with soap then washed them both of and put in conditioner,then I washed that out too. I stepped out,careful not to slip, and wrapped my towel round myself carefully. I jumped when I saw my other room mate, Jackson, in my room. "Jackson! Get out!" I pushed him in the center of his chest. 

"I just want to talk  to you. It's the signing today isn't it? I could drive you," Jackson winked at me and I rolled my eyes. He'd been flirting with me ever since I moved in. 

"Jackson, I'm sorry, but I'm just going to walk. I'll be fine." I smiled and pushed him again. "But you need to get out so I can change!"

"How about dinner tonight?" He stroked my wet hair. I turned my head and laughed. 

"Jackson, I'm flattered really. But for the hundredth time, no. Honestly, why can't you ask Rebecca? She's prettier and she's a dancer." I got out my hair dryer and plugged it in as I spoke.

"Rachel, are you honestly that naive? You're beautiful." Thank God I was looking down so he couldn't see me blushing. I got up and pushed him out the door.

"Thanks, but I have to get ready." I laughed and shut the door. I quickly dried my hair and got dressed. I straightened my deep red hair and let in run past my shoulders. I grabbed my shoulder bag and skipped out the door. "Lu! Can you do my  make up?" Lucy was still sitting at the breakfast table fiddling with a lipstick.

"Sure!" She brightened up and pulled her make up bag out of her handbag on the counter. She carefully did my eyeliner and mascara then rubbed in foundation. I opened her eyes as she brushed on blusher. "Finito! You look fabulous." She grinned.

I smiled gratefully and checked the clock. It was quarter to eleven. I had fifteen minutes. 

"Wow, thanks ,I love you, gotta go, BYE EVERYONE!" I shouted and skipped out the door and down the street. When I arrived at the music shop it was packed with screaming girls. I noticed my friend, Bob, straight away and he came over. He was part of security at the shop and he got me to the front. "Thanks," I mouthed as it was too loud to speak. Suddenly, the noise got louder and as I turned to face the five seated table,  I recognized five beautiful boys take their seats. They sat down and grinned at everybody.

"Well, let's get this show on the road!" Niall shouted to everyone in his gorgeous Irish accent. Everyone surged forward and I gripped the security barrier tightly as I was pushed against it. People were screaming and shouting, trying to get to the front. There was a little girl already up at the table with her mum and a One Direction tshirt. I'm probably the only seventeen year old here. How pathetic. But I don't care, their beautiful and sing like angels. I was pushed forward again but I was too busy daydreaming to be prepared and I slipped under the barrier and fell face flat on the cold marble floor of the shop. My nose and my ankle ached and I pulled my self up slowly and steadily. It was only then I realized five pairs of eyes on me. There were probably more eyes on me behind me but those five pair of eyes were the ones I cared about.  I had a broken nose and my hair was probably everywhere and I was limping. Great. I clutched my nose and turned round, making for the exit, but I put too much weight on my ankle and fell into a pathetic heap. I groaned and tried to get up but before I could there was a pair of hands round my shoulders helping me. I turned to look at them and my heart stopped. His beautiful blue eyes looked worried and he held me up straight.

"Are you okay?" He asked politely, his accent made me think of clovers and flowers.

"Am I-? Um, y-yeah. I'm f-f-fine." I stuttered then looked down at my shoes. Stupid heels. I probably wouldn't be in this stupid situation if I'd worn flats or something. I looked over my shoulder at the exit. "Um, I really need to-Um, my nose and my ankle-Hospital maybe. So can you um, maybe?" I looked at his hands. 

"Oh," He let go and took a step back. I smiled gratefully at him and the other boys then limped off. A group of young girls laughed at me then stepped forward and smiled at the boys. I looked back and he was still looking at me with those beautiful eyes.

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