Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


13. Spark.

The next few weeks were hard. Harry took me to a bonfire with the rest of the boys after Halloween, Niall brought TIffany. They were all over each other.

Harry caught me looking at them and started being overly touchy. I'm not too good at expressing my feelings, or faking them, so when he tried to hug me and kiss me and tickle me, I stayed stiff and unresponsive. I felt bad afterwards, it wasn't his fault and I shouldn't be hurting his feelings. So when he asked me to a film premiere, instead of being shy and stupid, I agreed and went with him. I even let him buy me a dress, which I made him return afterwards. It was a really good night, Tiffany wasn't there, thank god. After that, we just did normal, couple stuff. He took me for dinner, shopping, ice skating, I made him dinner. I just loved hanging out with him. We were best friends.

But sometimes it was hard to go past that "friends" barrier. When we got close it was just awkward, for me anyway. I do love him, obviously, utterly and completely but, call me a romantic, I think there should be more than that. There should be a spark. The kind of spark that wills you to be near someone everyday, that you can get out of your mind. We don't have that.

"Wake up sleepy head," Harry called affectionately from the hallway before he entered the bedroom holding a tray with eggs, sausage and bacon on it.  He was already dressed in washed-out grey skinny jeans and a green flannel shirt that we picked out last week.

"Ten more minutes," I moaned sleepily, pulling the duvet over my head. I heard him set down the tray and fall down next to me.

"Come on, Rach. I have to leave soon and I want us to have a day together before I go," he said, although it's quite muffled from under the covers. He pulled them down enough to see my face and looked at me like I was a disbehaving toddler, I giggled and covered my eyes with my hands.

"I don't want you to go," I pouted. Doing meet and greets up and down the country for the next two weeks to promote One Direction's new tour, meant I was going to be stuck with Jackson as Lucy and Jason were going on a couples holiday.

"I know you don't, neither do I but you know I have to."

And the next thing I know he's kissing me, slowly and softly. This is when I forgot about the lack of spark and loved him anyway, because Harry Styles was my best friend and my boyfriend, which made me the luckiest girl in the world. Melting into Harry and the kiss, I wanted to stay there forever. In a cocoon of happiness. He planted feather light kisses along my neck and collarbone, just the way he knew I liked it.

"Now you're not being fair," I gasped. I saw a smile creep onto his lips against my neck and I pushed him off and walked towards the bathroom. Suddenly feeling self-conscious as he gawped at my white lace bra and cotton joggers I sped up to a skip, laughing as he started to follow me. "Girls only," I mockingly frowned at him as I stood in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Be quick," He said, wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed and swatted away his grabby hands.

I jumped in and out of the shower and back into the bedroom, knowing he'll have gone downstairs to see what Lucy's made for her last breakfast before she went away. I curled my now almost waist length honey blonde hair into bouncy curls before doing the usual make up. The 'directioners' favorite insult for me was barbie, which Jackson always teased me about. Being in the public eye so much had made me lot more conscious of my image. After I slipped into my favourite distressed jeans and a plain white baggy crop top, I wrapped one of Harry's flannel's round my waist before bounding downstairs.

Instead of finding Lucy, Jason, Jackson and Harry tucking into whatever Lucy made, I found all of the boys sitting round a distraught Niall.

I stopped dead in my tracks and they all turned to look at me, "What's happened?"



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