Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


4. Saviour.

I heard gasps and people screaming. I wondered what was wrong, then I saw the car coming towards me, gathering speed. My eyes widened and I screamed and started to run across the road. Pain shot through my ankle and I whimpered and collapsed, my head hit the black tarmac road with so much force it made my ears ring. I saw the look of fear on the driver's face mirror my own as he slammed on his brakes just a minute too late before darkness washed over me.

I'm going to die. I thought as I curled up into a protective ball.

I suddenly cold and it felt like somebody and poured a bucket of water on me. I could hear people screaming behind me and I felt like I needed to move for them. There were little girls waiting to see their favorite boy band, and instead they were going to see someone die. Suddenly, I felt something round my waist, then my whole body was supported. I heard sighs of relief and people clapping. Then I heard a car door open and shut and hurried steps.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see her, she came out of nowhere and then she fell and I slammed the brakes-" A panicky, small voice said quickly before being cut off by someone else.

"I think she's okay, you don't need to worry yet," Someone with a sweet voice interrupted them.

Then it was warm and I was being put down on something soft. Small, whispering voices filled the room.

"What happened?" A soft, soothing voice asked in a barely audible whisper.

"She stepped out onto the road, she probably didn't see the car through the rain," The sweet, sugary voice that was filled with worry replied in a louder whisper. Their voice made me think of candy canes and dwarfs with beards in green waistcoats.

That's what the coldness was! It wasn't somebody pouring water on me, it was the rain. But that was after I fell? Something brushed my face rhythmically, it was soothing but it made me more aware of a searing pain that tore through my head. I whimpered and heard everybody take a sharp intake of breath.

"Nancy? Nancy can you hear me? It's Lucy. I heard-" The soothing voice broke. "Are you in pain?" 

I fought to answer her but I couldn't find my voice. Everything felt jumbled up. I tried opening my eyes and regretted it. The brightly lit room made me cower away from it and the pain in my head got worse. I groaned in agony.

"Have you called an ambulance?" I different voice asked hurriedly. They weren't bothering to whisper anymore and the loudness echoed through my head. 

"Shh," I slurred. It was all I could manage. Someone laughed quietly.

"Yes, they should be here in a few seconds." The soothing voice, Lucy, replied. Just then, the door opened and I could heard the shuffle of feet as they made room for the people coming in.

"How long has she been out?" A hard but quiet voice close to my ear asked.

"Ten minutes, maybe twelve." The sweet voice sounded sad. That wasn't right. It shouldn't be sad.

"We'll take her in for a check. Injuries often look fine on the outside but are awful on the inside," The hard voice informed the people. Suddenly I was being lifted. I felt air whoosh around me as I was carried on something hard and uncomfortable. Things were being strapped and hooked up to me. It made everything even more uncomfortable. I groaned in dissatisfaction and tried to bat away the thing that somebody at put on my face. 

"Hey, Nancy. I'm Alec, I'm a medic. Now somethings have been given to you, and it's to help you. We're taking you into the ambulance now, okay?" A different voice, a little but less hard than the one before but still official. 

"Ambulance?" I slurred. I whimpered even more at my pathetic speech. Soft hands came on top of my own. My body went stiff and I stayed perfectly still. Somebody laughed again. It was a sweet sound. Like angels singing. 

"Can I go with her?" The sweet voice asked. It sounded a little happier.

"Sure," Alec replied. I heard Lucy moan from somewhere. She didn't complain though, that wasn't who she was. The soft hands let go of one of mine but held on to the other one tightly. I heard doors shut and an engine start. I waited for the loud siren to begin screeching but it never happened and the ambulance started moving. I was thankful that the siren was off, my ears would have probably given up. I decided to try to open my eyes again, it was probably darker in here that it was in the room. I opened them one by one and was greeted by a beautiful face. Maybe I did die. Maybe this was heaven and he was my angel. The face lit up and their eyes grew soft, which made him even more beautiful.

"Nancy," He breathed. He had an accent too. A beautiful, sugary sweet accent that made his voice melodic. And he knew my name.

"Are you an angel?" I whispered. He laughed and squeezed my hand. 

"No, I'm not," He grinned. "What have you got her on?" He asked Alec.

"Just morphine for the pain, she might have a concussion."

The beautiful face nodded then looked at me. So, I wasn't dead. A beautiful, beautiful boy was in an ambulance with me. 

"Who are you?" I asked the face. I speech was getting slurred again and my eyelids felt heavy.

"I'm Niall Horan and you're Nancy Starford. You were almost hit by a car. It missed you by an inch," The voice broke off at the end. I wriggled my hand out of his and stroked his face.

"Don't be sad," I slurred. Niall. I knew that name...Who was he? Niall, Niall, Niall. Niall. Oh my. Niall Horan. Niall Horan of One Direction was riding with me in an ambulance. And I was practically unconscious. Fantastic. I let my hand fall from is face and put it to my own and groaned. 

"So you remember me," He laughed. 

"Yes," I slurred, fighting the drugs. "Why are you here?"

"Well someone had to save you from killing yourself. What were you thinking? Did it not occur to you to look both ways before stepping onto a busy road?" He sounded angry. 

"I was trying to get away from you," I frowned. "Why were you there? I mean, why did you save me. There was hundreds of people on the pavement."

"You left your phone and keys on the counter so I went to give them to you but you were going to fast and I tried calling after you but you couldn't hear me, I guess. I went out of  the shop after you and I was so close but I was tackled by screaming girls and all I heard was you scream then silence then the car brakes. I thought-" He broke off then shook his head. "I thought you'd been killed."

I gasped then put my hand to my mouth. He looked into my eyes. They looked sad. 

"Thank you," My voice faltered and tears filled my eyes. "Thank you so much." A sob escaped my chest. He put his hand on my face and wiped away the tears with his thumb. I kissed his thumb then gave in and let the drowsiness take over.

"At least now you can call me your savior," He smirked, before my eyes finally slid shut.

My Savior.

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