Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


8. Intense.

I woke up to 'Live While We're Young' playing at full blast. I got up and started to walk to the door, only to realize I only had my bra and pants on.

"Shit," I mumbled as I scrambled for my clothes. Someone started to rattle the door handle. "Who is it?" I squealed as the door began to open. I dove for the bed and pulled the covers around myself. Harry came in with a tray with a full English breakfast and orange juice. He was also only wearing a dressing gown.

"I tried to make it before you woke up. Sorry about the music. I got excited." He bit his lip. It was really sexy. But why was he making me breakfast.

"Um thanks," I said as I took the tray from his hands, frowning. His face fell a little bit.

"You don't remember anything that happened last night, do you?" He grinned.

"Nope. Why, what happened?"  I said around a mouthful of food

"Um..." He trailed off, his gaze settling on my chest. "The rest of your clothes are in the living room. There's some in here too I think..." He reached forward and pulled my skirt out from behind the headboard.

"What..." I started, before it hit me. I dropped my fork and put a hand to my mouth. "We didn't. Oh my God we didn't. We can't have. We can't..." 

"We did." Harry said awkwardly.

"No..." I ran hand through my hair. Niall. I like Niall. Not Harry. He's cute and kinda sweet but Niall's....really sweet, and hot and caring and gentle...I set the tray aside and grabbed my skirt. I pulled it up under the covers. I picked up my cardigan then headed to the living room to find my top, but it was outside the door. I pulled it on then headed for the main door.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked, following me.

"I need to see Niall. Then I have the hairdressers in....shit ten minutes." I grabbed the door handle and ran down the hall to the lift. I pressed the button five times then waited. Harry came out of the room after me. Wow. For a huge One Direction fan, you'd think I'd be fan girling even at the thought of sleeping with one of them. But right now, they were just ordinary boys, and this was a big mistake.  "I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry," My voice broke and tears began to roll down my cheeks.

"Come here," Harry said and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back, I just needed someone to hold onto. The lift pinged and I pulled away and wiped my eyes.

"I'll see you later, if Niall ever talks to me again, okay?" I sniffed.

Harry nodded slowly then jumped in beside me and pressed the penthouse button.

"I need to come to," He said, and took my hand as if we'd had some fully fledged affair. We waited in the lift in awkward silence, then it pinged and I jumped out and rapped on the door.

"Niall!" I called. "Ni-" I was mid-chap when the door opened under my fist.

"What?" Liam croaked.

"Sorry!" I said as I pushed past him and looked around. "Where's Niall?"

"Sleeping. Like you should be. It's...twenty past ten. Oh." Liam shrugged. "What do you want him for?"

"Nothing," Harry said.

"Oh hello! Where did you go off to last night? Faint in the lobby?" Liam joked.

"" Harry glanced at me then away quickly enough. Not quickly enough for me not to blush and Liam not to notice.

"Oh no no no no. Haz, you didn't. Tell me you didn't. You know Niall..." Liam trailed off then shook his head.

"I...We...." I fell down on the sofa. "I don't remember. I really don't. And it's annoying. It shouldn't have happened anyway. I should have gone home."

"I shouldn't have made you have a shot. I'm sorry. And I knew what we were doing. I shouldn't have taken advantage. But it's not everyday you're half naked in a lift with a fit girl. I just went with my instincts," Harry shrugged. "Which is a crap excuse." He ran his fingers through his curls, exasperated. 

"Well I have to go. Tell him...Tell him I'm sorry." I said, standing up. 

"Sorry for what?"

I span round and gasped. God he was perfect, even in the morning. His hair was perfectly ruffled and his abs...And here I was with messy hair, creased clothes and smudged make up. Yay. 

"Being weird last night. I really am. I'm weird when I'm drunk. Sorry," I lied.

"It's okay," He shrugged.

"Text me. I need to go, I'm getting my hair dyed," I grinned.

"Cool," He muttered and sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV. I faltered and turned towards the door.

"Bye," I said to Liam and Harry. Harry caught my arm. 

"I'll get your number from Niall," He said. "We need to talk."

"Okay," I shrugged and walked to the door. I stood in the lift, fighting back tears. I was being stupid. He doesn't like me. I'm just tired. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the lift. The receptionist looked me up and down and sniffed. Then when I walked past I'm sure I heard her mutter "whore". I shook it off and held my head high. After I worked out where I was, I turned the corner and found my hairdressers. Hm.

"Rachel?" The cheery receptionist asked.

"Yep," I smiled.

"Leanne's waiting for you. This way." She smiled and led me through to an open plan salon fully women getting their hair done. I sat down on one of their soft leather swivel chairs and smiled at Leanne.

"Hey Rach. I love your hair! The 'bed head' is becoming surprisingly popular,. What would you like done?" She smiled back.  

"I want it dyed," I grinned

"Aw what color?" She pouted.

 "Well I want it dip dyed. Bleached at the top and purple at the bottom?"

"Oo love it!" She said, getting out her gloves. "One sec while I get the dye.

"Okay," I smiled. She came back a few minutes later and started foiling my hair. My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton and I had to fight to keep them open.

"You can have a nap will I put the foils in. I'll wake you up when it's time to rinse," Leanne smiled.

"Thanks," I mumbled and closed my eyes. I fell asleep instantly.



"Rachel," Someone said softly, shaking my shoulder. "Rachel it's time to wash the bleach out." 

I got up and yawned then let myself be led to the sink. I drifted in and out of sleep whilst she washed and dried my hair, then shuffled back over to the comfy leather chair to get the purple bit done. I fell asleep for all of that then got up to get it washed out and dried again. She gave me a side parting then shaped it around my face.

"Okay, you're done! It looks great, if I do say so myself," Leanne grinned. I looked in the in the mirror and gasped. My hair was incredible. I looked completely different, like a different person.

"Leanne, you are amazing," I told her as I ran my fingers through my hair. It was so soft and pretty.

"I know," She grinned. I got up and passed her the cape. 

"Thank you," I said and hugged her.

"Anytime!" She called as I limped out. I walked back to the house to get a shower and change. I rapped on the door and waited ten minutes for Lucy to answer.

"Rachel!" She pulled me into a hug. "I love your new hair!"

"Thanks," I grinned and walked inside.

"When do you get your cast off? Do you want something to drink?"

"In a few weeks hopefully, I hate it," I said, making a face. "And yeah, a white coffee please. Two sugars."

"Coming up! Where did you stay last night?"

"A friends," I shrugged. "I haven't had a shower yet, actually. You mind if I go take a bath while you make the coffee? Where are the others by the way?"

"Okay, I'm making croissants. You can have one after your bath if you like," She grinned. "Um Jason's coaching football at the youth center and Jackson's job searching in town.

"Hm okay. Yes! Save me two," I winked at her and started up the stairs.

"Jam and butter?" 

"You know it!" I called back. My room was really tidy when I walked in. Too tidy. My suitcase was unpacked, the bed was made, the bathroom had been cleaned and my clothes hamper was empty. 

Can't complain, I thought, and went to the bathroom and ran a bath. It was warm and relaxing, and gave me time to think about what happened last night. I decided to text Harry once I was dressed. We needed to sort things out. I changed into my 'Rolling Stones' grey acid vest and faded dark blue jeans and tucked in my vest and wore a black spaghetti strap top underneath. I put on my white Vans with cherries on them and my black cardigan. I left my hair down and put on cross earrings and my rainbow Rox bracelet and my pink spike bracelet. There. Good enough. I limped down the stairs and was welcomed by the smell of fresh croissants.

"Mm," I grinned as I walked into the kitchen. Lucy pushed a plate with two croissants towards me and a mug of coffee. She eyed my outfit then smirked at me.

"You're going out with someone. Someone special," She smirked.

"No I'm not," I snorted.'

"Yes you are! You never try with your clothes if you don't care. You've tried. Like you tried last night when you were out with Niall." She winked.

"I-" I began but stopped. There was no point in arguing. I finished my croissants then poured the rest of my coffee into a travel cup. "I'll take this to go."

"Where are you going?" She protested.

"To meet someone!" I called. I heard her laugh before I shut the door. I pulled Harry's number from my jean pocket and dialed it. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hey, it's Rachel. Are you doing anything right now?" I asked before he could ask who it was.

"Oh hey! Well we're actually just practicing at the hotel. You think you could come round?"

"Oh," I said, obviously disappointed. "But I thought we were going to talk about...Last night."

"It won't take long though, will it? I'll jog your memory, you'll regret it, I'll say I'm sorry, you'll say you're sorry too and we'll leave it at that and then you can spend the day with us."

"I don't like lying to Niall..."

"Who are you talking to Haz?" Someone called from the background.

"No one special, I'll just go into the bedroom so you lot can practice."

"No one special then?" The boys laughed.  Wow, that stung. 'No one special'. He obviously doesn't count girls he sleeps with as special.

"Rachel?" Harry called from the phone.

"What?" I snapped.

"I said, 'it's not lying if he doesn't ask.'"

"But what if he does ask what happened last night, what are you going to tell him?"

"I'll tell him what happened." He said bluntly.

I was stunned into silence for a moment. "Don't I get a say?"

"You want me to say, 'Oh wait I'll tell you in a minute, I'll just get Rachel over to tell you too so she 'gets a say'," He said skeptically. Ugh.

"Obviously not."

"Then what then? What do you want? An autograph? A tweet? A friend request? Because I really don't know." Okay that was really harsh.

"God, what's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me is that there's a girl annoying me all the time!"

"This is the first time I called you! I've known you for a day, maybe a day and a half!"

"Christ I want to kiss you."

"Well-" Wait what? He wants to kiss me? No, no, no! I need to see Niall. I like him. I don't care if he doesn't like me back, I need to hear him say it at least. "I-"

"Come round now, we can talk. I mean it."

"Okay, I'll be round in a minute." I said then hung up the phone. OK, that was intense.


(I know it's really short for the amount I usually write but I'll add some more!)


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