Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


6. Dinner.

We drove in awkward silence. I saw Niall glance over at me a few times and open his mouth, then turn back to the road. I sighed in relief when he finally pulled up outside the house. 

"Um, can you get my crutches?"

"Sure," He got out of the car then appeared at my door a few seconds later holding my crutches. I smiled gratefully and carefully climbed out. I wobbled a bit and quickly put his arm behind my back, holding me up. My head rested awkwardly on his shoulder and our bodies were uncomfortably close. I squirmed and he pulled back, holding onto just my shoulders. I pulled my crutches out of his right hand and slipped them under my arms. He stepped aside and let me limp towards the stairs. I stood at the bottom of the steps for a while, contemplating how I would get up them. Then, before I knew it, the air whistled past me as I was scooped up into someones arms. Niall looked straight ahead, obviously avoiding my gaze. I smiled and buried my head in his warm chest. It was still raining and it was already dark. I saw him look down at me and grin before he set me down. I pulled my key out of my bag and slipped it into the door. It clicked open and I was greeted by three worried faces.

"Rachel!" Lucy exclaimed and rushed over to me. She hugged me gently then stood back to look me up and down. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" I sighed and limped past her. I dumped my bag next to the door and started towards the stairs. Someone coughed behind me. I expected it was Niall and turned round smirking. But Jackson stood in front of me instead.

"Rach', I'm so sorry for what I said today. I didn't mean a word-" He began, looking at the floor.

"Shut up,Jackson. You meant every word. You're such a pathetic asshole." I interrupted him. He looked up from the floor, shocked. I leaned around him so I could look at Lucy. "Oh and I'm moving out next week." I spun round, wobbling a bit, then limped up stairs as quickly as I could. "Niall!" I called down once I reached the stop. He hurried upstairs and followed me into my room. I shut and locked the door then put my ear against it, listening to their shock, then horror, then realization of what I'd just said. I heard Lucy running up the stairs then her body weight hitting the door.

"Wait! Rachel, he's sorry! He told us-"

"Lucy you know he's not sorry and that he meant it. Today was the most embarrassing and humiliating day of my life, thanks to him. If I stay it will just be awkward," I leaned away from the door and turned round to face Niall. He was holding up a pair of pink frilly pants that Jackson bought me for my birthday. I blushed furiously and grabbed them from him.

"Don't go through my stuff!" I hissed. I pulled my hideous pink suitcase out from under my bed. Ugh, my poor bed. I stroked it lovingly then shoved my slippers inside the case. I ditched my crutches and limped over to my wardrobe. I grabbed piles of clothes and stuffed them inside the case then did the same with shoes. I put my books and make up and toiletries in a smaller case with a pocket for my laptop. I stuffed my ipod inside my pocket and dumped my savings jars inside another case. Shit, I can't carry all that.

"So," Niall said as he flopped down on my bed. "Where are you going to go?"

"I-" I started but then realized I didn't know. "Um, I don't know. I bedsit, maybe? Maybe my parents," I replied as I quickly remember my bedroom was still empty. 

"You know, we have space on our sofa," He murmured, running a hand through his hair. 

"Yeah, I'll go and live with One Direction," I replied sarcastically as I hauled my suitcases up into a standing position. I suddenly remembered he wanted to go for dinner and hopped, literally, to the wardrobe again. I found blue ,swirly skirt with pink flowers on it that came about an inch above my knees. I matched it with a plain white spaghetti strap top and a pink cardigan that was almost the same color as the flowers. My favorite heels that matched the exact blue on the skirt were still on the rail and I slipped one on. Ugh, I looked pathetic. I limped back into the room and searched through my drawers of nail varnish for the right blue to match my shoes. Once I'd found it I slipped my shoe of and painted both sets of nails. I carefully sat down on the bed and gently wiggled my feet so the paint would dry.

"I'm being serious," Niall said quietly. I glanced over at him.

"Serious about what?" I asked, turning back to check my nails.

"The sofa thing..." He mumbled. I quickly turned to stare at him.


"Well, yeah. If you want. I could sleep on the sofa and you could have my bed..." He trailed off and smiled sheepishly.

I groaned and held my head in my hands. This was getting crazy.

"Or not. You don't have to, it was just a thought." He said hastily as he saw my reaction. I could hear the disappointment in his voice. Ugh.

"No, it's not that. It's just, what would people say?" I sighed.

"They'd say ,"oh look a girl is moving in with one direction," then drop it," He shrugged.

"No, they would say, "who is that mysterious girl moving in with one direction, who's girlfriend is she?"" I replied icily. I grabbed my hair brush and pulled it through my tangled hair then pulled it up into a ponytail. I wrapped a pink hairband with a big flower on it round my ponytail then checked my nails. The paint was dry so I slipped on one shoe then examined them. I couldn't go out with one shoe on and a bare foot. I grabbed a fluffy sock and pulled it carefully over my cast, then examined again. It was better than nothing. I pulled my silver clutch from under the bed then stood up. 

"Are you ready?" I asked as I smoothed down my skirt. He got up from the bed and opened the door for me. I smiled gratefully at him then slipped my crutches under my arms and limped past him. They were all waiting in the kitchen when I came down, except for Lucy. She was pacing anxiously in front of the two boys sitting at the breakfast bar.

"Rachel!" Lucy exclaimed in relief. She hurried over and hugged me, not caring about being gentle.  "Don't go. Jackson will leave, it will be okay."

"No, Lu," I pulled away from her. "Jackson doesn't want to leave, I do. I'll live with my parents again, it's fine," I smiled. Even though I moved out for independence, I liked knowing my mum was always there.

"But they live in Surrey, and that's so far away..." Lucy trailed off as she moved her gaze to Niall.

He was hovering anxiously by the bottom of the stairs, checking his phone every so often. It kept pinging every second, someone was obviously worried about him.

Probably a girl. A really pretty girl. With perfect hair and perfect nails and perfect make up and perfect everything, I thought. No! I wasn't jealous. I wasn't. Not one little bit.

"What is he doing here?" Lucy whispered excitedly.

"He gave me a lift from the hospital, nothing else," I sighed.

"And why are you all dressed up?" She shot back, raising an eyebrow.

"He wants to take me to dinner!" I replied in a terrible whisper. I sighed and took another step back from her and another towards the door. "I'll be back. I'm not leaving tonight. Love you," I smiled faintly then glanced at Niall and gestured towards the door. He hurried over and opened it for me.

"Bye," Lucy whispered, her voice trembling. Honestly, she kind of overdid the motherly act. I leaned against the wall as I tackled the steps, but no sooner had I cleared the first two steps had two strong hands swept me off my feet. I struggled to keep hold of my crutches and glared at him.

"Just being a gentleman," He said innocently.

Just pretend he's a nicer version of Jackson, I thought to myself over and over. 

He set me down in front of his car, then took his crutches from me and put them in the boot. He came back round and made for my door..

"I'm sure I can handle the door," I said sarcastically and put my hand on the handle, just before he did. I blushed and he pulled his hand away hastily. I opened the door and climbed in, trying to control my heartbeat. He got in next to be and started up the engine. I stared out of the window and we zoomed through the city. He stopped a few minutes later outside the nearest Nandos. I laughed and got out as he cut the engine.

"Nandos? Classy," I laughed as I limped round to the boot. He opened it for me and passed out my crutches.

"What's wrong with Nandos? Do you want to go somewhere fancier?" He raised his eyebrows as he locked his car.

"No!" I replied too quickly. "I mean, no, Nandos is fine. I love Nandos," I limped round to stand next to him and smiled. He held out his arm for me and I rolled my eyes then hooked my arm through his. "I eat a lot, just a heads up before you pay half the bill."

"You sure 'a lot' is the right thing to say?" He eyed my figure doubtfully

I blushed and pulled my cardigan around my body self-consciously.

I knew I shouldn't have had that muffin in Starbucks, there's like 500 calories in one.

Niall watched my face as the emotion flashed across it then raised his eyebrows when he realized what I was thinking. He pulled my arms away and ignored my crutches when they fell.

"I didn't mean that. Loads of girls would be jealous of your figure," He smiled. "And I eat a lot too."

I laughed and picked up my crutches carefully before slipping my arm through his waiting elbow. 

"Styles?" Niall said to the receptionist as we entered the restaurant.

She ran a perfectly manicured nail down the list then stopped when she found the reservation. "Yes, Mr Styles and his guests are already seated, follow me," She smiled tightly and led us to our seats.

"You never said they would all be here!" I hissed to Niall under my breath. He ignored me then gave his face lit up with the most bedazzling smile I'd ever seen. I turned to see what he was looking at and gasped. Sitting around the round corner seat in the back of the room, were the teenage sweethearts that ruled my world. They grinned back at Niall then a beautiful boy with a full head of gorgeous curls cleared his throat and nodded towards me.

"Who's that?" He asked around a mouthful of food. 

"Charming," I muttered, just loud enough for them all to hear me. Niall elbowed me in the ribs lightly and glared while the rest laughed. "What?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Be nice!" He whispered.

"Fine," I mumbled then plastered on my best smile. "Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm the girl who fell and broke her nose and sprained her ankle at your signing, just in case you don't remember me. Which you probably do. Nice to meet you all. Most of you, anyway..." I mumbled the last part but Niall heard and elbowed me again. "I'm being nice!"

"You're being rude," A cute boy that must have been Liam corrected.  I gaped at him then slammed my mouth shut

"I guess I am, sorry. I was only rude because he was rude first. It was childish sorry, I'm nervous and I've had a rough day." I sighed, then straightened up. God, why was I telling a group of strangers how I feel? I shook my head and followed Niall into the booth and leaned my  crutches against the front of the table.

"Rough day? We were up at six and at a completely different studio from our usual at seven then sang till twelve. Then we had to scrub up and show for a Starbucks opening at half twelve. You don't know the meaning of rough," Harry said as the took another mouthful of whatever god awful thing he was eating. It looked like cat sick.

Anger boiled up inside of me, how dare he. I don't know the meaning of rough? Pft.

"I got hit my car after I was publicly humiliated two days in a row. So yeah, I do." I snapped back. Louis spat out his water and Harry swallowed his mouthful. I sipped the glass of water on the table and studied the pattern on the napkin

"Your that girl. Niall saved  you." Louis said.

"Yeah, he did," I turned and smiled gratefully at Niall. I always thought that when I met One Direction they'd be sweet and kind and it would be amazing. They obviously aren't sweet to girls that are rude and bitchy to them.

"Sorry," Harry smiled weakly.

"It's okay," I smiled back sheepishly. I knew the shy me would come back eventually. Ugh.

"Are you ready to order?" A pretty waitress showed up at the table next to me and smiled down at Niall and I. She realized who Niall was and smiled flirtily.

"Can I have a vodka and coke and the 'Wing platter' please?" Niall replied, ignoring her.

"And I'll have the Mediterranean salad and a diet coke, please," I smiled and passed her my menu. She glared at me then collected our menus and empty glasses.

"Of course, your drinks will be over soon," She said icily then left.

"So boys," Niall rubbed his hands together. "What did Sandy say after I left?"

"You're in trouble," Harry replied, smirking.

"She went crazy," Louis added.

Niall laughed but stopped to thank the waitress when she arrived with the drinks.

"I'll bring you your food in a few minutes," She said shortly then left again. She is not getting a tip from me.

"So how did you two meet? Again?" Zayn asked, nodding towards me.

"We just bumped into each other," Niall shrugged, sipping his coke.

"You mean you bumped into each others lips," Harry winked at him. I blushed and went back to studying the napkin.

"Oh did you-" Liam made kissing faces with his hands then raised his eyebrows. I blushed even more when Niall nodded. All the boys grinned and gave him high-fives. They were just like any other group of boys.

"Sorry, but boy did good," Louis winked.

I quickly stood up and grabbed my crutches, almost knocking into the waitress carrying our food.

"Oh, sorry!" I limped around her and waited for her to set the food down before I told the boys I was going to the bathroom. I limped through the busy restaurant and pushed the door open into the toilets. I stood in front of the big mirror and took a few deep breaths.

This was going to be a crazy night.

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