Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


14. Break Up.

"Tiffany cheated on me," Niall finally muttered, staring at the kitchen worktop.

I tried to hide my immediate relief.

"I knew she was a slutty cow. I knew it. You can do so much better than her Niall. Do you know who the boy was?" I looked at him sympathetically before going over to Harry and going into his open arms. I almost purred when he kissed my head from above me.

Niall looked at us thoughtfully for a bit too long before saying, "That's something I need to talk to you about. Do you mind, y'know, if we go somewhere quiet or upstairs?"

"Um, yeah okay," I frowned in puzzlement, looking up at Harry. He shrugged passively, matching the expression on my face. I started to follow Niall towards the stairs and caught Liam and Harry arguing quietly of my corner of my eye.

I followed Niall upstairs into my bedroom. He sat down on my bed and patted the space next to him. I sat and waited for 'the talk'.

"I really, really, hate doing this," He began, looking me straight in the eyes, "You shouldn't be treated this way. I would never do this, you deserve so much more-"

"Niall, just get to the good bit okay? I'm sorry about Tiffany, I really am, but I never liked her for obvious reasons and I really want to get on with spending the day with Harry before you lot go off."

"Okay," He grimaced. "Well, Tiffany slept with Harry last night. I'm really sorry there's not a nicer way to put it."

"What?!" I laughed and shook my head in disbelief. "Niall, Harry was at his place packing up his stuff last night. He came round at, what, 6? And slept in my bed then made me breakfast. I don't think so," I stood up and made towards the door, done with the conversation and Niall's pathetic attempt to ruin my relationship just because his was over.

"Yes, and when he was finished packing he met us at the pub at 11 and spent the night out before going to some club with Liam and Tiffany and her friends. Liam saw them leave together and Harry texted him and told him everything afterwards. He doesn't know I know," He sighed loudly before meeting my eyes. Which were filling with tears.

"No...No he wouldn't do that. He came round as soon as he was finished..." I couldn't help the break in my voice.

Niall got up and tried to embrace me but I pushed him away and ran towards the stairs. This couldn't be true. It couldn't be happening. I could barely see from the tears gathering in my eyes and let out a sob before coming into the kitchen. Everyone looked up as I answered, and I saw Harry realize what had just happened.

"Is it true?" I demanded. He didn't even have to answer. The look on his face and in his eyes said it all. I couldn't help a sob rip through me. "Did I do something wrong? Is it me? Do you think she's prettier?" I gasped pathetically.

"No, Rachel, please don't do this. I love you so much-"

"Don't. Don't say it unless you mean it. You obviously don't. I don't know if this is some twisted way to get back at Niall or something and show him that you always 'get the girl' but you've totally lost me."

The rest of the boys stared at us in disbelief, except Liam who looked at me with sympathy. Harry started to come over to me and I took two steps back.

"Can you just leave? I don't want to hear from you ever again."

He stepped back as if I hit him.

"Are you serious? I think you're overreacting. Can you just let me explain? Please," He pleaded, reaching out to stroke my arm.

I let him for a while. I even contemplated letting him stay, accepting it was a mistake. But as I looked up and looked in his perfect green eyes I could just picture him looking at her the way he's looking at me now, as if I'm the most precious thing in the world. As if I'm the only one who gets this look. I drop his gaze and shove him in the chest.

"Just go," I felt tears slide down my face as I spoke.

"Fine. But I'm not giving this up. You will hear from me again," Harry said in defeat and walked away.

"You know somehow I knew this would happen," I started, causing him to turn around, "Not this, but something like this. Going near you, any of you, was a mistake. I don't know what I expected but I thought it would be me letting you down, not the other way around."

I untied his shirt from my waist and threw it at him. "I'm sorry guys but do you mind? I just want to me alone," I half-heartedly smiled at Louis,Liam, Zayn and Niall, who'd just come down the stairs.

They left, Niall leading the way, but Harry lingered by the door.

"I hope you know that this is hurting me, too. Seeing you cry hurts me, so much more than you can imagine," He finished and dropped his shirt on the floor, "This is my excuse for seeing you again." 

He shut the door quietly behind him and I fell to the floor, consumed by grief for my broken heart  that left with him.







Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to read Reality! Every comment means so much to me and i really appreciate you all! Will there be a sequel???

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