Rachel Stanford thought of herself of One Directions biggest fan. Then she meets them and her life drastically changes. Is she truly living the dream or will reality come back and hit her with a bang?


9. Awkward.

(I know I said I'd add more to the other chapter but I think I'll just leave it at that because it like emphasizes the chapter name)


I ignored the receptionist all together when I walked into the hotel and headed straight for the lift. I pressed the button and jumped in when the heavy doors slid open. I downed the rest of my coffee as the lift climbed up the building, humming along to the music playing. The doors slid open, bringing me out of a daydream I didn't even know I was having, and I stepped out and gently knocked on the door. Liam answered again, not meeting my eyes as he held the door open.

"Thanks," I muttered.

I wandered over to where to the boys were practicing and stood there until Liam sat down and said, "Rachel's here."

Harry looked up and grinned at me, so did Zayn and Louis, but Niall just looked at me. He looked disappointed. About what though? Boys were so confusing.

"Hey," I waved half heartedly. Harry stood up.

"Do you want a drink? Non-alcoholic, of course," He grinned.

"Um I just had a coffee, thanks anyway," I smiled back, shyly. OK, now I was being shy? T-y-p-i-c-a-l.

"Well I'm getting one. I'm shattered. Anyone else?"

The boys shook their heads simultaneously, focusing on their music. Harry rolled his eyes and gestured for me to follow him to the kitchen. I sat down on one of the black leather chairs surrounding the glass dining table and watched him make the coffee. He moved so confidently, he knew what he was doing and he was going to do it. It was kinda hot. But inspiring too. To see someone so set on what they're going to do that they won't stop at anything. OK, it was some coffee, but not just the coffee, his dream. He had the courage to stand up in front of thousands of people, tell them what he wanted to do, and show them he could do it. I, personally, think it's amazing. God, I'd kill to have that kind of guts. I can't even address my little sister's primary four class back home. I couldn't ever sing in front of that many people. And on telly! Just thinking about it made my stomach flutter with nerves. Harry stood in front of me and sipped is coffee.

"I would talk but I need to get to work. After?" He smiled apologetically. 

"Okay," I smiled back.

"OK, well you can just sit here if you want, or take a tour around the room, no going through drawers though," He winked.

"I'll be fine here," I said, rolling my eyes. He shrugged and sauntered over to boys. They began doing vocal exercises with their coach. I sat there for a while, listening to their voices working together. They sang beautifully. With One Direction, it was never about the lyrics or the particular song, it was the sound of their voices. The way they climbed and soared through the ranges and turned words into a song, I thought, was amazing. With other songs and bands and singers, it was different. Although they all have amazing voices, I clicked more with the lyrics with other songs. Except for Marina and The Diamonds and Lana Del Ray. Them and One Direction. Their voices were spectacular. After a while I wandered out of the kitchen and the main room. They had a cinema with a ping pong table, a beautiful bathroom with sparkly black tiles, and a room each with a king size bed. They were definitely living the life. This was probably small to them. By the time I wandered back to the living room they were saying bye to the coach and finishing up. I walked over and stood awkwardly behind them until they turned and smiled at me. Well, Zayn, Harry and Louis smiled.

"Nice hair," Louis grinned. I picked up a strand and looked at it as though I'd forgotten about it. Which I kind of had.

"Thanks," I smiled.

"Lunch anyone? I'm starving," Niall grinned and rubbed his hands together. This was better. I was so relieved I actually sighed and grinned back.

"Subway?" Harry asked.

"There's one round the corner next to the hairdressers," I added. Niall bit his lip and looked at the boys. God. I think all boys look sexy when they bite their lips.

"Eh that's a bit too...public," Liam said.

"I could go for you if you if you want?" I offered.

"Are you sure?" Harry said.

"Yeah it's fine, just tell me what you want," I smiled. Five minutes later, I had two note pad pages full of orders.

"I'll come with you, nothing like a good disguise," Niall grinned. After he put on a beanie, a pair of black Ray Bans and a leather jacket, he looked reasonably different, and we left. We stood in the lift awkwardly until he said, "Harry told me, by the way. About what happened last night. With you two...In here. And I'm okay with it, don't make your self sick over it anymore. He told me how worked up you were getting on the phone," He grinned.

"I-" I opened my mouth then closed it. He told him without me?! "I wasn't sure if we...were a we." I said pathetically. 

"It's okay. You were drunk," He said as the lift pinged and we stepped out. We were greeted by crowds pushing up against the lift, flooding inside, screaming Niall's name. The hotel must have told them they were staying or something. Or they saw their coach leave and a Directioner recognized them and phoned their friendsA member of the hotel staff got them all out.

"I think you should go back up," She said. Niall nodded and looked at me. 

"I'll be fine," I mouthed and pushed out into the sea of people. I fought out onto the open street and took a deep breath. That was crazy.


Fifteen minutes later I was trying to get through what was left of the crowds to the lift, juggling their food. Eventually, I made it. And after explaining to the staff I was a friend of the boys, not a fan, I managed to get in the lift. Drunk by Ed Sheeran was playing and I began to sing at the top of my lungs. There was no one with me and I made the most of it.

"But our house gets cold when you cut the heating, without you to hold I'll be freezing. Can't rely on my heart to beat it, cause you take part of it every evening. Take words out of my mouth just from breathing. Replace with phrases like when you're leaving me. Should I, should I? Maybe I'll get drun-" I started the high note, only to be interrupted by someone clearing their throat. I opened my eyes to see the lift doors open, and all the boys standing in front of me. "Shit," I muttered. "Um, foods here.

"Yep," Niall came over and took some sandwiches out of my hands and took them into the room. Zayn held the door open for me as I followed him and I smiled gratefully. I dumped everything on the table.

"How did I do?"

Niall opened his baguette and checked the fillings. "Brilliantly," He grinned. They all sat down around the table and dug in. I rescued my coke from Niall's grabby fingers after he'd finished his own and sipped it will they all ate. I checked the time, my eyes popping. It was already two. And it was Monday. When did that happen? The signing was on Saturday...Wow. I'd spent practically all weekend with Niall. And I missed the first three hours of  my first day at my new college. 

"Shit," I muttered and pulled out my phone and phoned Lucy. "Hey, um you know how I got into  college? Yeah, the first day was today. Yeah. I completely forgot, you know with..." I glanced at the boys, who were staring at me, listening to the conversation intently. "Everything that happened. You think they'll understand? They'll probably think it's an excuse. I can't just go in tomorrow and pretend I was there. I've missed lectures and classes, I won't have the right notes..." I ran a hand through my hair, exasperated. "Anyway, can you go into my room and get my mac and my bag and put the mac in the bag? Everything else that I need is inside the bag. Yeah. I'll come and pick it up in five minutes. Put it by the door, next to the..yeah. Thanks Lu, see you later." I sighed and put my phone back in my pocket.

"So you're leaving?" Niall asked. I looked at him and grimaced.

"Yeah. I don't want to, though, You lot" I shrugged.

"So we're told," Harry grinned. I rolled my eyes.

"I'll..Um...Bye," I smiled and waved awkwardly, then headed for the door.

"Bye!" They chorused back, as I reached the door. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at them, then left. The lift wasn't still at this floor, and I had to wait for it to come up. But as I stepped inside, a hand jammed between the doors. They opened to reveal Niall. I stepped out to speak to him, I wasn't sure if there was fans still in the lobby and if we went down who knows what could happened.

"There's a party tonight, I was going to ask you but you probably have college tomorrow, and it's probably not a good idea. So all the boys are going, we'd have the room to ourselves, and I have some Disney DVD's and popcorn..." He trailed off, smiling.

"That sounds really good. And I don't have college. Only on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, nine till five." I grinned back.

"Oh...Well..What do you want to do?"

"Um..." The party was safer. Not so much awkward alone time. But alcohol. Which was bad, considering what happened last time I had to much. I just won't drink. Simple. "Do you mind if we go to the party?.."

He did. I saw it flash across his face. Great. Now he probably thinks I don't want to stay in with him because I don't like him like that. God, if only he knew. I had a wall of my bedroom dedicated to him the whole time he was on 'The X Factor' and recorded every episode then skipped to the bit where they performed. It's pathetic, I'm supposed to be older and mature but he's just so hot.

"Um, if that's okay?" I added shyly.

"No that's fine! I'll pick you up at 8," He winked then looked into my eyes. Oh no, he's going for a kiss. He's slowly leaning forward. I took a deep breath and looked back. I could do this. His lips touched mine, then they were gone twice as fast. He looked into my eyes, looking for something, then kissed me again. I was surprised for a while, then closed my eyes and got into it.

He was checking if it was OK to kiss me, I realized.

He left burning trails down my back where he touched me, circling round to hold my waist. I snaked my arms around his neck and kept them there, too scared to response. His lips were nice and cool, they felt really good. I almost moaned when he pulled away.

"Bye," I gasped, breathless.

"See you later," He breathed. We stood there for a while, none of us making a move to leave. I eventually unwrapped my arms from his neck, realizing I was going to be really late for college. I backed up into the lift then blew him a kiss. The lift doors slid shut whilst he was still waving. I leaned against the wall of the lift and sighed. Time to go and face my lecturers. 



It was actually okay. I came in and explained about my accident and completely forgetting about college and getting into a routine and stuff and they were okay with it. But it took 2% off my attendance. I took the bus back home and got in at around half 5. Niall said he'd be here at eight, so I had two and a half hours to get ready. I told everyone I was home then went upstairs to get a bath. I straightened my hair after I'd soaked in the bath for a while then looked for something to wear. After about half an hour of searching I started to give up. My cast looked pathetic with all my dresses, so there was no point trying to look good. And Niall hadn't said if it was an everyday night out or a fancy 'everyone will be there so look amazing' party. Ten minutes later, I was on the phone to him.

"Hey, um sorry to bother you but is it a fancy party or a normal party?"

"Fairly normal. Just wear whatever, love." He replied.

"Oh okay!" I said cheerily then hung up and groaned. I can't "just wear whatever" to a party with One Direction. He might as well have said come in your pajamas. "Lu!" I called down the hall. "I need your help!!

She came rushing up the stairs and flew into my wardrobe. She started throwing out skinny jeans and shiny tops until about everything I owned that wasn't a dress, skirt, trackie bottom, or tshirt was on my bedroom floor.

"Something like this, okay?" She said gesturing to the pile. I nodded, staring and the pile of clothes like it was my worst enemy. "Sorry, that's all the help I can give right now, I'm making dinner for the rest of us," She shrugged and walked out of the room." 

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I can do this. I sorted through the clothes until I found a nice pair of dark blue jeans, a red checked shirt and a white, beaded lacy top.I decided on the lacy top then pulled a pair of fluffy socks out of my drawers and put them on then put on my UGG's. I wasn't going to injure myself further by wearing heels. I checked the time quickly on my ipod before I started my make up. Shit. It was already half seven. I only had half an hour to making my self look OK. I put on my speakers then got to work. I lost track of time and started humming along to the music as I did my eyes then started singing at the top of my lungs.

"No scientist, or biology. It's obvious, when he's holding me. It's only natural that I'm so affected. Oh! And my heart won't beat again, if I don't feel him in my veins. No need to question, I already know. It's in his DNA! D- D- D- DNA. It's in his DNA. And he just takes my breath away, b- b- b- breath away. I feel it everyday. And that's what makes a man. Not hard to understand. Perfect in every way, I see it in his face. Nothing more to say, it's in his D- D- D- DNA. It's the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future. Fingerprints that leave me covered for days, yeah hey yeah. Now I don't have any first degree, but I know what he does to me. No need to work it out, it's so familiar. Oh! And my heart won't beat again, if I don't feel him in my veins. No need to question, I already know. It's in his DNA! D- D- D- DNA. It's in his DNA. And he just takes my breath away, b- b- b- breath away. I feel it everyday. And that's what makes a man. Not hard to understand. Perfect in every way, I see it is his face. Nothing more to say, it's in his D- D- D- DNA. It's all about his kiss. Contaminates my lips. Our energy connects, it's simple genetics. I'm the X to his Y, it's the color of his eyes. He can do no wrong, no need for him to try. Made from the best, he passes all the tests. Got my heart beating fast, it's cardiac arrest. He's from a different strain, that science can't explain. I guess that's how he's made in his D- D- DNA. ........It's in his DNA. D- D- D- DNA. And he just takes my breath away, b- b- b- breath away. I feel it everyday. And that's what makes a man. Not hard to understand. Perfect in every way, I see it in his face. Nothing more to say, it's in his D- D- D- DNA." I finished, out of breath, and finished my make up. I stood up and grabbed a long gold chain with a bejeweled cross hanging from it and put it round my neck then put on my gold stud earrings and a gold bracelet then checked the time. It was quarter past eight. Oops. I hope he's not here yet, I thought, looking out the window. I turned around to go downstairs and screamed. Niall was sitting on my bed, waiting patiently. 

"Sorry!" He laughed and got up.

"How long had you been there?!" I cried, grabbing my ipod and phone from the table along with some money and heading downstairs.

"Long enough," He grinned. I rolled my eyes then went into the living room. The others were sitting around eating curry and watching 'Fast and Furious 5'. 

"I'm off. I might not be back before ten. Bye!" I smiled then left, locking the door. Niall pulled his keys out of his pale blue low-hung jeans and clicked a button. His car flashed across the road.

"We're meeting the boys there. Is that okay?" He asked as we walked over.

"Yeah," I smiled and l limped as fast as I could to keep up with him. I decided not to take my crutches and just limp. It would be hard on my ankle but it would be easier to get around wherever the party was. "Where is the party by the way?" I asked when we were both sat down inside the cramped car.

"A friend of ours loft in the West End," He grinned. 

"Oh," I whispered. The West End?! Wow. I probably should have worn a dress. And risked my ankle for some heels.


and omg i am so sorry. so so sorry. i cant even remember the last time i published. like i feel so bad. i started this chapter straight after the last one, but i kept just coming on and adding a sentence then going off, i had really bad writers block! and i feel so bad. so i'm really, really sorry. i like listened to Little Mix's new song, DNA, which is fabbb, and felt like omg i want to write, so yeah. listen to it, it's realllllll good. yeah so i'm sorry. ily xo

and omg this is so short ew

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