A poem I wrote on the theme of hope.


1. Hope.


I know how it feels, to be stuck

In the dark, not knowing

If you have good or bad luck

when your emotions aren’t showing. 


I know what it’s like, to feel down

in the dumps, pushing friends

away from you, ensuring you’re not the clown

with all of your loose ends. 


I know why you do it, hiding away

from them all, doing all of this 

to yourself, and by the way,

do you know about everything you’re going to miss?


I know how they help, it’s really true

that they know how to halt

all of this, they’ll talk to you

and try to leave wounds fresh of salt.


They’ll know how to show you

the lights in your life, we know

that your feelings right now are blue

but the course changes, as the wind blows.


We can show you, how to hope

for the best in life, and how to stop

you from sliding down that slope

you’ll stay on top. 

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