True Intentions

Garrosh Hellscream and the other leaders of the Horde are on their toes about the Forsaken. After the incident at Wrathgate and the Siege of Undercity, the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner seems as if she cannot be trusted. However, what are her plans for the Forsaken's future, and what of the attack on Gilneas? This World of Warcraft Fan Fiction will delve deep into the mind of the undead inhabiting Tirisfal Glades, and she some light on the dark mind of the Queen herself.


2. Going Against Wishes

The Orc spy, named Eitrigg, arrived in the the barren Durotar from the goblin mechanism that propelled through the skies of Azeroth, called a zeppelin. The purple blimp sputtered to a stop, and  Frezza greeted the rushed Orc.


"Welcome back, great Eitrigg. Any news?" the short and hyper Goblin seemed eager to hear the news, however Eitrigg was not willing to share. The Orc knew that the information he was about to share was only for the Warchief's ear. He pushed the goblin back, causing him to shift off balance.


The city of Orgrimmar was lined with metal spikes and towering buildings. The barrier to protect the city was still under construction, hastily put together to ensure the Alliance would not barge in to steal Hellscream's life. As he reached the heart of the city, a sweat broke out on the powerful Orc's green forehead, and it trickled down to his raggedy beard.


"Eitrigg! Lok'tar O'gar, friend. You are within the eyes of Hellscream once again! Bring me news of the Forsaken now!" Barely letting the Warchief finish, Eitrigg, barged into the conversation.


"The Dark Lady... she- she- she- she's plotting-" he could not catch his breath! 


"Spit it out. An Orc never shows fear. Are you an Orc or a Coward?" Garrosh's strict rulings struck fear into Horde citizens, but kept them safe from any outside forces plotting against. Such as Forsaken. "Tell me, brother!"


Eitrigg spoke with great speed, spilling the details of the Banshee Queen. "You should question the loyalty of the Forsaken. Sylvanas Windrunner has sent the Val'kyr to horde encampments globally."


"Is this a problem? As disgusting as those winged, traitorous bastards are, as long as they supply the Horde with the back up we need-"


"She is THEIR Lich King! She controls them!  She could have them eliminate all Horde warriors in an instant!"


"Are you saying we cannot fend for ourselves? Watch your tongue, Brother!" Garrosh was not hesitant to reach for his ax and slaughter any living organism who pestered him. Eitrigg was close to being that organism.


"You don't understand! She's going to-"


"ENOUGH!" A thundering stomp of the Orc, and rush of anger nearly destroyed the entire building where the two resided. Garrosh grasped the Orcs neck and flung it towards the wall. "You sicken me! The Horde's Forces will not fall to weak manifestation of life, especially damned Val'kyr. You need to dispose of yourself. Going against us is going against death itself." With that, he turned his back, and screamed, "FOR THE HORDE!"


The terrible truth burned in Eitrigg's mind. However, fearing for his life, he exited the Warchief's chamber in a hurry...


The Horde was going to fall... he knew of it!







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