True Intentions

Garrosh Hellscream and the other leaders of the Horde are on their toes about the Forsaken. After the incident at Wrathgate and the Siege of Undercity, the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner seems as if she cannot be trusted. However, what are her plans for the Forsaken's future, and what of the attack on Gilneas? This World of Warcraft Fan Fiction will delve deep into the mind of the undead inhabiting Tirisfal Glades, and she some light on the dark mind of the Queen herself.


1. An Agenda

The piercing red eyes of the Banshee Queen glared towards the back walls of the sewers in Undercity. Scuttling  Forsaken and Kor'kron Guards dotted the halls, however most was quiet, save for the swishing of the jade bile running through the once flourishing depths of Lordaeron. She was caught in a daze, memories flashing through her mind, dating back from the death of the Lich King to her recent encounter with Lord Godfrey. 


"... And the Gilnean front is holding back extremely well. I am not sure how long the invasion force can withstand before the citizens overthrow us. We will not have time to extinguish them with the plague if we do not act quickly, so what is your next move?" Sylvanas' military adviser looked panicked, with his jaw dangling from a small piece of flesh, and two of his ribs jutting out of his torso.


There was no response from the Banshee Queen.


Being a high ranger of Silvermoon before her untimely demise by the hands of the power-driven Arthas, Lady Sylvanas was a military genius, and always made the perfect decisions for the sake of her people. Her large bow and unending quiver hung gallantly from her intricate clad armor. Through her cowl, though, a clear sense of dread was hanging over her.


"Was it something I said, M'lady?" her adviser stammered cautiously. Sylvanas made some inaudible movements with her lips, as her force of banshees began to quiver ominously. Once again, the adviser spoke: "I... uh, guess I shall be on my way, sorry for int-"


She cut him off with a piercing shout. Her voice echoed through the desolate chambers of the underground fortress. "Nathanos, my apologies for being so, distracted." The adviser clearly saw something was wrong with his superior. "Things have been.... amiss lately. Surround the entire city, ensure there are no more escapes for the people under Greymane. Then, administer the plague."


Just thinking about the plague brought back the nightmares of Professor Putricide, and the unyielding rage of Garrosh in Silverpine. There, he snapped at the Dark Lady, and banished the plague as a lethal weapon. Too bad she didn't have to listen to him. No, Sylvanas stood as an independent leader. While Hellscream may have been the leader of the Horde itself, the Banshee Queen had access to the most deadly race of Azeroth: The Forsaken.


After ushering everyone out of the Queen's residing chambers, Sylvanas summoned a Val'kyr to her side. After the triumph over the Lich King, the noble race of Icecrown allied with the Forsaken. Now, in this time of war, they would be Sylvanas' true lethal weapons.


"I need you to aid your Queen in service." the Banshee Queen whispered. A chill filled the room as her voice graced the hovering figure.  Her voice went lower to ensure no one would hear the whispers of the Dark Lady.


"Agreed!" the Val'kyr nodded, and flew off. Sylvanas let out a chuckle. 


"It is almost time..."


From the depths of the room, a worried Orc scuffled back and darted out of the chamber. Panting as he ran, Garrosh's spy made his way all the way through the Ruins of Lordaeron and out to the zeppelin tower without stopping for breath. And running through his mind, all he could think was: GARROSH WAS RIGHT!


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